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Gagne and Son partner with Maine School of Masonry

On the "Project Floor" at Maine School of Masonry where students learn hands-on masonry using materials donated by Gagne & Son.

AVON - With a significant donation of cement products and supplies, Gagne and Son has stepped up to assure that the masonry trade continues to be alive and well in Maine. Gagne and Son, one of the foremost suppliers of concrete and cement products in the region, and Maine School of Masonry, the only private masonry school in the country and the only full year school in Maine are committed to making sure that masons continue to be trained and certified in the state.

"It is not only in our interests to assure a strong masonry trade in Maine but helping the Maine School of Masonry with their training supplies assures that they have the funds to provide the other tools and equipment necessary for the excellent training program that MSM runs," Gagne Co-Owner, Linda Gagne said. "We are pleased to be able to contribute to their success.”

Maine School of Masonry’s owner, Steve "Mitch" Mitchell echoed Linda’s words, expressing his appreciation for the generous contribution of cement bricks and blocks.

“These items, so important to the hands-on training of masons, means that we can continue to provide certified masons into our communities," Mitchell said. "This age-old trade is used today not only in chimneys and new brick work but, more importantly, in restoring some of our older, beautiful brick and stone structures around our towns. Gagne’s offer of these much needed supplies allows us to continue to provide this education. We know, too, that our new masons will buy their supplies from the best vendors and we count Gagne as the premier supplier of this type of stock.”

Gagne and Son ( have eight stores in Maine including in Belgrade and Auburn and is your source for masonry and hardscape products, natural and cultured stone, precast, and supplies for Maine's construction, design and do-it-yourself projects. Maine School of Masonry is located in Avon ( and is now accepting new applications for the 2013/2014 year.

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  1. I can't possibly thank Steve Mitchell and his students for all the work donated at Skye Theatre over the last 4 years. It's nice to see good things returning his way... Steve is very dedicated to his craft and a wonderful mentor to many tradesmen here and around New England. Thanks for all you do Steve and thanks to Gagne & Sons for seeing the need.. Phill McIntyre, Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center

  2. I hired these guys to fix my chimney a couple years ago and they did great work..
    A great thing is happening up there.

  3. Maine School of Masonry does an outstanding job. Thanks, Gagne, for supporting them.

  4. This article made me smile, I had just read the masonry school spent four days at Carrabec high school teaching their trade to students. Way to go! Sounds to me like a wonderful partnership.

  5. Great article and hats off to Linda and Steve!