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KVBEL meet results

Backrow from left to right: Wyatt Viles, Jacelyn Daggett, Eleanor DeCarolis, Rena Voter, Talazen Smith, Mariel Damon
Front row: Garrett Reynolds, Sam Stinson, Annaset Jackson, Rowan Jellison
Absent at time of photo: Emmalee Clark, Charlie Eng, Colbey Goozey, Melissa Bamford, Carson Gross.

FARMINGTON - Kennebec Valley Business Education League is a Business Education League created for business students to be able compete in different areas against area high schools. Schools in the league include: Mt. Blue/FTC, Skowhegan, and Madison High School.

The following are the Mt. Blue results of the first competition of the school year. The KVBEL competitions are lead and organized by advisor Regina Savage.

Accounting I
1st, Garson Gross (Perfect Score)
1st, Jacelynn Daggett (Perfect Score)
3rd, Sam Stinson

Basic Business Skills
1st, Melissa Bamford
1st, Talazen Smith

Business Math
1st, Rowan Jellison
3rd, Wyatt Viles

Business Terminology
1st, Talazen Smith
3rd, Colbey Goozey

Computer Applications
1st, Jacelynn Daggett
2nd, Carson Gross
3rd, Mariel Damon

Internet Scavenger Hunt
1st, Charlie Eng
3rd, Annaset Jackson
3rd, Garrett Reynolds

Payroll Skills
2nd, Amelia Frederic
3rd, Rena Voter
3rd, Rowan Jellison
3rd, Eleanor DeCarolis

Personal Finance
1st, Emmalee Clark (Perfect Score)
1st, Garrett Reynolds (Perfect Score)
1st, Rena Voter (Perfect Score)
1st, Eleanor DeCarolis (Perfect Score)

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