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Literacy Volunteers of Franklin and Somerset Counties expanding programs

FARMINGTON - Literacy Volunteers of Franklin and Somerset Counties (LVFSC) would like to acknowledge the 72 volunteers who worked throughout 2016.

Volunteer time was worth $120,833.45 in educational value to community members. Volunteers expanded the reach of four key programs and added a new program to increase family literacy. LVFSC collaborated with 12 organizations to impact 55 people in eight towns.

The One-To-One Free and Confidential Tutoring program is for adults who read below the 12th grade level. 73 percent of the students achieved at least one of their life goals. Five individuals achieved goals of healthier eating habits; able now to read food labels and use recipes to cook healthy meals for their families. Three adult learners have set goals to read medication labels and communicate health needs with professionals. Carol and Marlene make up one of the strong tutoring partnerships supported by LVFSC. Carol was proud to achieve her goal to vote in her first presidential election last fall.

The Traveling Libraries program contributed 3,235 in free books last year, primarily children’s books to families who don’t have ability to buy books. The books were collected, sorted, recycled, and distributed to seven sites from Farmington to Livermore.

One in five people in Maine have low-literacy skills. Of those who are adults, 43 percent live in poverty; perpetuating a cycle of low-literacy with impact on personal lives and social systems. Less than 10 percent of adults in need are receiving services. Limited literacy means limited access to resources and the language required to understand and solve problems. People who are literate tend to be more independent and financially stable. Literacy is at the heart of sustainable community development.

Literacy Volunteers already working to achieve goals for 2017.

There are a variety of ways to get involved. New board members are always welcomed to bring ideas and action to the 10-member board of directors. Other volunteer opportunities available range from one-time events, being a resource manager, or a tutoring position.

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a board member, please call Barbara Averill at 207-500-3131, or email at Our website has more information. The volunteer link on the Daily Bulldog news page has brief volunteer job descriptions here.

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  1. United Wayof the Tri-Valley Area is pleased to support Literacy Volunteers. Thanks to all who give the gift of their time and expertise to help others increase their reading and math skills.

  2. " Limited literacy means limited access to resources and the language required to understand and solve problems." What a sad situation to be in.

    Kudos to all who make the effort to impart literacy skills and those who strive to improve their levels of literacy.

  3. Hugely important work! Publish the 72 names?

  4. So glad to see books at the local food banks! As a former teacher I love the idea of free books to children. Also some some free books at wmca. Way to go l.volunteers.

  5. We've witnessed tremendous student growth at Spruce Mountain Adult Ed through our partnership with Literacy Volunteers. Thank you for your wonderful work in our community!