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MPA endorses Jan Collins

Jan Collins

WILTON – Jan Collins, Democratic candidate for State Senate in District 17, has been endorsed by the Maine People’s Alliance, a statewide grassroots organization that advocates for economic, environmental, political, racial and social justice for all Maine people.

In making the endorsement, the MPA Campaign Vote Board noted that they supported Ms Collins “because of her strong commitment to progressive values.”

The MPA support came after a thorough interview process conducted by MPA activists from the local area. Ms Collins is one of only six legislative primary candidates who have earned the MPA endorsement.

She is running for State Senate in a district that includes all of Franklin County as well as Belgrade, Fayette, Vienna and Mount Vernon in Kennebec County. Among her legislative priorities are full funding of education, Maine Care expansion, environmental protection and “restoring transparency and civility to government.”

“At a time when Republican legislators are refusing to do their jobs at all and when far too many lawmakers want to roll back progressive changes passed by voters through referendum, it’s important that we elect leaders who will truly represent the people they serve,” said MPA Executive Director Jesse Graham.

Each of these endorsed candidates,” he continued, “has shown they will work hard and stand strong on issues like addressing climate change, expanding access to health care, helping seniors and Mainers with disabilities stay in their homes, raising wages and guaranteeing access to paid time off for every Maine worker.”

“I am proud to have earned the support of the Maine People’s Alliance,” Collins said. “It is another indication of the issues that are important to me not only in this campaign but in the way I live my life, as well,” she concluded.

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  1. Jan, I was wondering if you would answer a few questions.
    1. What are your ideas to deal with "climate change" ?
    2. How will you expand healthcare and how will it be paid for ?
    3. How will schools be funded fully ? Does that mean the stage will pay 100% of budgets ? Or at 55% like they are supposed to be now ?

  2. Jesse, I seem to remember you asking Jan some questions last time the BD ran an article.
    I never saw that she responded. It was a red flag for me.

  3. Have you considered that she may not read the daily bulldog?

  4. Miz Collins was quoted in the Bulldog a couple of months ago...'I will be a compassionate advocate for all the people in Franklin County'..... I wonder if she has since realized that her district includes a few towns that are in another country......

  5. Well maybe she doesn't read the BD. Maybe the BD can post some contact info for us.

  6. The word ‘progressive’ is all the red flag anyone needs.

  7. The Maine Peoples Alliance? Owned by the Democrats? More like Maine Poison Alliance. If you talk to our republican leaders they will say the Dems are the ones not doing anything. The truth is that once again the people of Maine are being duped by both parties taking a hard partisan line.

  8. Here is Jan Collin's website address and email. Easy to find online.


    These are MY words and feelings, nothing to do with Jan Collins, but if I was running for office, I don't know if I would choose to answer questions in the Bulldog comments sections. There are alot of people who have alot of hatred built up and hide behind nicknames. It seems kind of unproductive, to say the least. On the other hand, some good honest people say very thoughtful things. That's why I love to read the comments. I just wouldn't run a campaign here when there are so many face to face opportunities to meet the candidates.

  9. Maine Peoples Alliance " Hey Jan we have endorsed you and a local publication ran an article. The people in the towns you represent had a few questions. Would you like to answer? "
    Yes, maybe she doesn't read the BD, but if she represents this community maybe she should keep an eye peeled. You think?

  10. Is Ms Walters the only adult in the room?

    Jesse: Your articulated position/s as an elected school board member are well thought out and have added positive context to past discussions

    I can't tell if you more interested in having a bona fide debate with Collins or appealing to an insecure and nameless base

  11. I will reach out to her thanks Nancy Walters. On another note if these links were included in the article would help.

    Chuck I may seem totally republican but truth is I'm an independent so I don't mind asking for her views and basing my vote on how she replies.

  12. Nancy Walters, I disagree with you.
    A question is a question regardless of the name used to ask it.
    Many people feel uncomfortable asking using a real name. If the question is inappropriate or rude I think The Daily Bulldog would not allow it, or the person being asked could just state so and refuse to answer. This is a good way to reach many people and actually document where a candidate stands on issues.
    I agree with you about reading comments and learning helpful things. ( even if a " real " name isn't used ).
    Taking it a step further it would be nice to have a column where people could write in questions to specific candidates and have the candidates answer them, here.

  13. I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Collins at a local theater performance. She was very approachable and forthcoming in her beliefs and ideas and answered questions that I had.

  14. So the Maine Peoples Alliance endorses Jan Collins, now there's a shocker!

  15. I just looked over a list of the staff of the MPA... Makes me think that I will keep some space between them and me.. and anyone that makes a big deal of their endorsement...

  16. Thank you for the compliment Chuck Davis but I don't consider myself the only adult by far. I am guessing we are all adults, and half of these posts are adult posts... I like Jon's point about nicknames, and the next two points prove his point. Back to Basics would no doubt say his/her post to anyone in person. But Mizer? What are you trying to say? That is an example to me of hiding for mean spirited comments.

  17. Just saying the Maine Peoples Alliance endorses liberal candidates.

  18. Nancy.... I dont understand that you don't understand Mizers comment... plain enough to me.. and 'mean spirited'... Anyone getting involved in politics should not be so 'thin skinned' or they won't last very long...

  19. I know Jan and Irv very well, as I have worked on their house for many years. Regardless of politics, they are truly the most decent, kind, and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Jan and Irv 's intentions are always to do the best for the community. Although we differ in our views regarding social welfare, I wholeheartedly believe that Jan is the type of leader we had in the past, who will work for the good of all of all of us.

  20. To Glen and Mizer, Maybe I used the wrong word. I understood the post, I just didn't see the point.

    And I have to laugh at the idea of my commenting in the Bulldog as being involved in politics, but I appreciate your concern for me. I do have thin skin. It helps me feel what's right and what's wrong.

    I support candidates who treat people with respect regardless of party. Maybe they have thin skin too.

  21. Thank you Tom A McLaughlin for getting this discussion back on focus. I agree with you 100% about Jan's abilities to be a great leader for our district.
    I apologize for my part in taking the discussion off course, when we could all benefit more from talking about the candidates instead.