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Power Plant open in Wilton

Alden Sylvester in his new Wilton store.

WILTON - Alden Sylvester is putting the finishing touches on a custom display case as he readies his new store, the Power Plant, for its February opening. Exotic padauk wood meets curly maple, all glossed to a high finish. The atmosphere is inviting, clean, and full of beautiful art. The shelves will soon be stocked with some of the state’s best medical cannabis, grown by HBC Maine.

The Power Plant is the brainchild of Sylvester and HBC Maine, seeking to bring the highest quality, Maine-grown medical cannabis to patients in a convenient location. In addition, the store will have specialized growing amendments and tools, for growers of food and medicine, to balance their soil and grow healthier plants, as well as Maine artisan limited goods such as burl bowls, paintings, and many other hand-made works.

Sylvester is easily recognized among locals. A former proprietor of Liquid Sunshine, his business experience was gained traveling the world to source the popular artisan items the store featured, returning to the college town with these wares as a cheerful fixture on Main Street. A Houlton-born son of a lawyer, his long silver dreadlocks belie an organized and sunny demeanor. After parting ways from the popular Farmington store, Sylvester spent years refining his retail wish list. After being called back to Maine and it’s growing acceptance of medical cannabis, Sylvester became a caregiver, continued to refine his growing techniques, and is now ready to showcase his expertise at the Power Plant.

Customers must be 18 years and older with a valid Maine state ID and a medical cannabis card in order to purchase medical cannabis from Sylvester. “Everyone is welcome to come and get growing advice, bring soil tests for analysis, enjoy all of the incredible artists from our back yard and hopefully learn how to grow better produce for ourselves and the planet.”

“It’s important we bring a sense of beauty, calm, and quality to this space,” Sylvester said. “I want all to feel welcome, and enjoy the high quality artistic and agricultural offerings of our region.”

The Power Plant was approved by the town of Wilton last fall and will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday and Monday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is located at 410 US Rt 2 E Wilton, ME 04294.

For more information, contact Alden Sylvester at 207-530-2897 or email

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  1. Welcome to Wilton! It's great to see new businesses in our town. I wish you great success.

  2. Because this area needs yet another pot related venture.

  3. C'mon peeps. Wish him well. Maybe he'll hire some of those that just got pink slips in town.

  4. Call me a Cynic.....although I also don't agree with yet another "pot related" venture, if you read the whole story, he sells much more than just medical pot. I love Liquid Sunshine for all the artisan and unique items they sell. It says here that he will be featuring some of those things in this store, including art and handmade items. You can also get information on your soil for your food gardens. I am not a pot user, but I just might go check out this store for the other items he will be selling!

  5. Regarding the "pot related venture"- would we say that about another discount retail store, another antiques store, another restaurant that sells fried food, another ice cream stand? We already have a lot of those businesses, and we welcome more. The store looks beautiful, it will pay taxes, people will shop there, people will be employed and sell locally made goods there- sounds great to me. I wish him the best of luck!

  6. Good for him and the best of luck.

  7. It strikes me that no one raises an eyebrow (which is getting harder for me every day) when another beer related venture opens.

  8. What I have noticed is the beer related ventures are applauded. Alcohol is bad.

  9. No problem with pot. But to compare it to beer? Lots of people, myself included. Like the taste of beer. Pot on the other hand is about the high. People smoke it for the high not the flavor. Big difference. Not an opponent but let's call it what it is

  10. Yes, let's call it what it is. Alcohol is a drug, THC is a drug.
    Use whichever, all you want, and justify it however you want for whatever reason.
    I don't really care for the promotion so I don't patronize businesses that do as their main focus.

  11. Eddie people also drink beer to get buzzed, and some to get drunk. I also see not a lot of medical benefit from it.

  12. Sorry, Eddie, I just can’t let that one go. Thirty-five years in law enforcement including twenty-one years as a Probation Officer working daily with the users of everything under the sun taught me a few things about a lot of things. I also drank a lot of beer, both good and bad. It’s really about the buzz, man, not the taste. If you think different you’re fooling yourself. Try non-alcoholic beer some time. In my experience many more people died, got sick, stole stuff, went broke, went to prison, hurt or killed people or were generally miserable using beer than pot. IMHO alcohol is the worst of the drugs, and it’s been legal since the thirties (when they outlawed pot - go figure!)

  13. Welcome to (or back to) the local business community! Good to see a a business like this not hiding what they do unlike like so many other cash in hand "businesses" around here. Looks like they're educating just as much as being a business. The education part is apparently needed before passing uninformed judgement. I look forward to seeing more local art too!

    Eddie: You are right, there is no comparison because they are very different things. One is a plant grown is soil or water and the other is a highly processed fermentation of many ingredients that produces a drug called alcohol. To say you drink beer merely for the flavor makes you sound like an alcoholic unless you drink non-alcohol based beers. You know, for the the flavor. Most self medicating drinkers I meet say they like the flavor but drinking every day is also about relaxing pain and the mental stress of the day. Something I see in the current Medical Marijuana community is that "taste" is very important since there are 100's of strains that produce, like beer, different affects and flavors. Every day I see people at the bars downtown self medicating with beer then driving home. I don't mind other than on Friday and Saturday nights due to the chances of getting hit by a beer "Connoisseur" who lacks the motor coordination to drive a vehicle.

  14. I stopped in to check out this new business. I do not use pot. There is a lot more to this business than pot. Alden was very informative about amending soil for vegetable growth for home gardeners and plans on possibly doing personal soil amendments based on soil analyzes for personalized nutrient mixes for your soil type. He was a wealth of information on edible native plants, chaga and he has tinctures available for your health. Artisans have beautiful Burl bowls available as well as paintings. He has plans to add more to the store and we even discussed the possibility of some educational classes in the future. This is a medical marijuana provider by prescription only not a recreational provider. I agree with Sandy, Alcohol is a legal drug that destroys countless lives every day and is legal because the government makes so much money on it. Water tastes good also and doesn't ruin lives. Welcome to Wilton Alden and good luck.