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State Senate campaign video selected for national award

WILTON - A video produced for the Jan Collins for State Senate Campaign In the 2018 election has been selected for a national award as the “Best Campaign Video for a State Legislative Campaign.”

The award was announced at the Annual Conference of the Reed Awards held recently in Austin, Texas. The Reed Awards recognize excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design.

The video was created for the campaign by Matt Quinn of Cleveland, Ohio and Bar Harbor, Maine. It was featured on Facebook and numerous TV stations during the campaign.

In speaking of the video, Quinn, an independent consultant, said:

“I had never met Jan before the filming, so I was prepared to do something that was scripted. However, I quickly realized that Jan is at her best when she just talks from her heart. Her story in our video was prompted by me asking her to tell me highlights of meeting people while traveling through the district.

“In three hours of filming, I was able to capture genuine emotional moments of Jan talking about conversations she participated in while going door to door. What resonated most with me was her story about spending time with Michael Donohue and walking through his property discussing where snapping turtles had laid their eggs. I realized ‘this is it’!

“A Democrat and a Republican, starting a conversation and finding things In common. They both were teachers. They both cared about the environment. They may disagree on lots of things, but if anything is going to get done, a conversation is the way to start.

“Having spent time with Jan, I realized a story like that embodies who she is. She has a conversation and she listens to you. There’s no ‘show.’ I would never have been able to capture who Jan really is by just having her reading a script.”

The 60-second video may be viewed at:

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  1. It's a beautifully moving and heartwarming video. Well done! I hadn't known about the Reed Awards. Thank you!