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Touch of Class celebrates National Thrift Shop Day

The Touch of Class Thrift Store.

FARMINGTON - August 17 has been declared National Thrift Shop Day, making it the perfect time to shop for the back to school needs.

Touch of Class is proud to share in this celebration offering 50 percent off all the purple tags in the three shops on Aug. 17. Going into any of the Touch of Class shops will be a unique experience because of the many items that change daily. The shops also take pride in the boutique style and fashionable store displays.

Thrift shops are now very trendy because of the cost savings, environmental impact concerns and unique finds. All citizens are realizing the benefits of shopping for reused products. Four in five people now shop at thrift stores before paying full price at the department stores.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Americans are throwing out more and more used clothing and household goods because of the increase in purchasing more items. Data from the EPA on clothing and textile waste reports that roughly 84 percent or 26 billion pounds of textiles are still headed into landfills. This means that only 16 percent are recycled or repurposed. Enthusiasm for re-use (donating and purchasing used items) is getting stronger every year. While progress has been made towards a circular economy, there is still a long way to go.

Consider the environmental impact of what goes into making a common, everyday T-shirt. It takes up to 700 gallons of water to make one new cotton T-shirt. This is more than the average person drinks in five years. If every shopper replaced the purchase of one new T-shirt with a purchase of a thrifted one it would save 700 million gallons of water.

Second hand shopping has become one of the first stops for people looking to spruce up their wardrobe while saving money. Savvy shoppers can find those brand names and designer pieces or just a cute “wear one time” top for the special gathering at incredibly reduced prices at our local thrift stores.

Help celebrate National Thrift Shop Day and stop by one of the Touch of Class stores on Aug. 17. Re-use, recycle while experiencing cost savings and that unique find.

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  1. Nice place to shop, you never know what you will find.