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Woodlands Senior Living center thanks local law enforcement

Woodlands Senior Living center staff members organized a barbecue for local law enforcement and first responders on Wednesday afternoon.

FARMINGTON - Local law enforcement and first responders were celebrated yesterday at the first annual Appreciation BBQ hosted by Woodlands Senior Living center. The tradition has taken place for several years at the organization's Waterville location, but this was the first time hosting at the Knowlton Corner Road facility.

"We knew this would be our year," Executive Director Marcie Barnes said.

Barnes said the celebration provides an opportunity to thank those that so consistently support her residents and staff. Staff members flipped burgers while police, fire department, sheriff’s department, EMTs and their families ate and listened to the live music. The evening included giveaways and to-go boxes for those that couldn't stay. Staff members had the chance to chat with the emergency personnel, and thank them their assistance in situations that didn't provide such an opportunity, Barnes noted.

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