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Worthley appointed lead pharmacy technician at hospital

Mike Worthley

FARMINGTON - Garry Miller, director of pharmacy at Franklin Memorial Hospital, announces that Michael Worthley, CPhT, has been promoted to lead pharmacy technician. He has worked in the hospital’s pharmacy as a technician for 15 years.

The lead pharmacy technician holds a leadership position in which he must provide orientation, training, supervision, and assess quality compliance for four pharmacy technicians. In his new role he will collaborate with the pharmacy purchasing technician and pharmacists in optimizing operational workflow and upholding all medication systems to meet all health and safety standards and protocols.

“Mike has a wealth of knowledge and is deeply committed to this organization,” said Miller. “His prior supervisory experience will serve him well as he identifies opportunities for process improvements and establishes more formal continuing education opportunities to meet biennial certification requirements for technicians.”

Worthley resides in Phillips with his wife Cindy; they are the parents of two grown children, Patrick and Spencer. Mike plays five musical instruments, but primarily guitar, accordion, and mandolin when he performs locally with the groups, Narrow Gauge String Band and Crooked Bill.

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  1. Congratulations Mike!!!!

  2. A well deserved honor! Congratulations Mike.

  3. Congratulations, Mike! You've worked hard! We love you!!!

  4. Congratulations Mike, you were a great addition to FMH . When you are not filling meds maybe you can strum a tune or two., just kidding.

  5. Congratulations Mike! Well deserved!

  6. Congratulations Mike.
    Carol Mc

  7. Congratulations Mike!!

  8. Congratulations, honor well deserved! Mike is not only excellent at his job, but a true gentleman with a winning personality & a fantastic musician!


  10. Congratulations Mike!

  11. Way to go, Mike! Congratulations!

  12. Congratulations Mike. From a patient's point of view, you have always brightened up my day. FMH is doing the right thing. John & Karen

  13. Congratulations Mike. I agree with Wendy, You certainly are a great musician!!!

  14. Congratulations. Mikey.

  15. Congratulations, Mike! Well deserved!

  16. Congratulations Mike I would have to agree with Wendy Huish.

  17. Congratulations Mike!

  18. Mike has the heart and soul of an artist, and the smile, kindness, reliability and knowledge of a stellar coworker who ALWAYS has your back! What a rare combination. Congratulations Mike, and congratulations FMH for having him as an employee!

  19. Good going Mike !!!!!

  20. Congratulations Mike on your position. You have a great support system and great folks to work with

  21. Congratulations Mike,You are the best

  22. Congrats Mike! Need a volunteer again?!

  23. Congrats Mike u sure do deserve this. We miss seeing u play. Lol Kathy & Reggie.

  24. I have a co-worker that has been working in the Pharmacy for 19 years!!

  25. Congratulations Mike, Great job....