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RFA sponsoring Plein Air Workshop on Aug. 11-14(0)

March 27, 2020

RANGELEY – The Rangeley Friends of the Arts is sponsoring a Plein Air Workshop on Aug. 11 through Aug. 14 with established watercolor artist Michael Vermette. The workshop is two-and-a-half days of instruction over a four-day period open to adult artists of all ability levels, utilizing the sites on The Artists Trail. THE Artist’s Trail […]

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Poet’s Corner: Togetherness

Togetherness by Sarah Carlson The rhythm of our seasons, the dance of sun and Earth, the interplay of dark and light. We started school as summer was ending and the Autumnal Equinox approached. We got to know each other, found our rhythms in our classrooms – together. Leaves changed and so did we. The light […]

Poet’s Corner: The Peace of the Pines

Setting out into the woods
she slides one foot in front of the other,
finds a tentative rhythm
on the changing surface.

Poet’s Corner: Going Viral

Going Viral by Chan Woodcock Hunkering down is a challenge! After you hunker for some days, Thoughts breeze by. Teleconferences with Oncologist. Didn’t drive to city. High Risk, I’m told. Then, my wife and I embrace- Seems to be more Contemplative and Concerned. Quarantine caused Spring Cleaning to Prematurely arrive. All those black and white […]

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