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Letter to the Editor: On Proposition 2(12)

April 27, 2017

Education is the great equalizer; it enables our young people to get the skills and training they need to get to success. Our state has some serious problems with providing our kids with that education. Years ago, the citizens of Maine passed a resolution that the state should provide 55 percent of the cost of […]

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Politics & Other Mistakes: I don’t recall

Here’s a great idea for those of you interested in making things worse: Let’s allow voters to recall any elected official in Maine that they don’t like, including the governor. Democratic state Sen. Justin Chenette of Saco has introduced a bill to do exactly that. Never mind that it’s probably unconstitutional (more on that later). […]

Poliquin Town Hall meeting convenes in Farmington, without Poliquin

By Ellen Grunblatt on behalf of the organizing committee Sustainable Campus Coalition UMF Diversity Lab A crowd of about 50 people turned out for a town hall meeting on Monday with the 2nd District Representative Bruce Poliquin. After several weeks of not responding to the invitation, Mr. Poliquin, through one of his staff, at the […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: King of nothing

“An independent,” writes P.J. O’Rourke, “is a person who doesn’t know what to think. And is proud of it.” O’Rourke’s comment – from his latest book, “How The Hell Did This Happen?” – wasn’t specifically aimed at independent U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine. But it could have been. King has a reputation for taking […]

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