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Letter to the Editor: In regards to reapportionment(11)

March 23, 2018

For clarification in regards to the citizens petition for the reapportionment of the RSU 9 Board of Directors. If Farmington and Wilton’s directors are at the meeting they hold 64 percent of the vote. With Farmington and Wilton’s directors and ONE other director they can have a legal meeting because they would have a majority […]

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Is there a problem and should we debate?

James D. Herbert’s Feb. 11 column, “Are We Just Another Echo Chamber?” drew less attention than one due to the University of New England’s president. It evoked just 18 comments and a single letter of support. The column argued that the political right’s characterization of American Academia as “plagued by liberal bias and elitism” has […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Your vote doesn’t count

Let’s suppose you’re one of those voter-suppression fanatics, looking for creative ways to stop people you don’t like from casting ballots in Maine. You could try requiring photo identification, but anybody can buy a decent fake ID on the internet, so that might not work. Fingerprint checks or retinal scans? That would require expensive equipment […]

Letter to the Editor: New Sharon’s assessing problems could cost taxpayers

For assessing software, the town of New Sharon has been using LOTUS APPROACH CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) software called “DWELLING,” since the town was revalued in 2007. There are about 1,350 individual parcels that are in the database. About half have structures on them. The State developed DWELLING software for its own use and […]

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