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Politics & Other Mistakes: LePage’s *%+# up(2)

September 17, 2018

I thought I was reasonably familiar with most of the dirty words in the English language. Apparently not, because I never knew “socialization” and “socializing” were among them. Now, thanks to the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Gov. Paul LePage, my trove of swear words has been expanded to include these swell new additions. […]

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Letter to the Editor: In support of Jan Collins

To the Editor, Jan Collins, from Wilton, is running for State Senate District 17. She is a candidate representing change in our Legislature. Basically, like many people, I’m fed up with the mess in Augusta. I’m hopeful that the climate there will improve. A lot will depend on who we elect to the Legislature, especially […]

Letter to the Editor: The courage of using real names

States in response to anonymous New York Times Op Ed… “anonymous…meaning gutless…a gutless editorial” Does that also apply to anonymous spouting off at the Bulldog? In early New England times, town meetings were held and people ROSE and STOOD and SPOKE, making their opinion…AND their NAME known…when John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence he […]

Letter to the Editor: A Tribute to Dr. Eastler

I was never much of a student. I did well in school but never particularly enjoyed it. My Dad, a fellow UMF alumni, isn’t one to give much advice, he has always encouraged me to figure it out on my own. In college when choosing which core classes to take, my Dad told me to […]

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