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Letter to the Editor: Tina Meserve was not treated fairly(Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: Tina Meserve was not treated fairly)

December 4, 2020

I agree completely with Irv Faunce’s letter noting that Tina Meserve was an asset to the district. What happened to her was unfair, and a classic example of how people focused blame and anger on one person for something she was not responsible for. Though I am on the school board, I am not giving […]

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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Tina Meserve

I’m writing to you today to publicly thank Tina Meserve for the dedication and hard work that she has given to RSU 9. Though this letter is my own personal opinion, I had the honor of working with her as a School Board Member, and Chair of RSU 9 School board from 2018-2020. As Board […]

Letter to the Editor: Meserve was an asset

Superintendent of Schools Tina Meserve was a real asset to Mt Blue RSD. She continues to have my full confidence even though, distressingly, she has chosen to resign. I speak only for myself and not the Board of Directors of which I am a member. The vote of “no confidence” presented no evidence that she […]

Letter to the Editor: Trump Fatigue

I am so looking forward to getting back to some form of normality; to a day I can turn the television on and don’t have to hear Trump bragging about how smart he is, or how great a job he is doing, or attacking some imaginary enemy; a time when Trump isn’t grabbing the headlines […]

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