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Politics & Other Mistakes: Shawn of the (brain) dead(0)

May 21, 2018

Even though lots of Republicans have never heard of him, and his name’s not even on the ballot, a big chunk of the GOP faithful will end up voting for Brent Littlefield for governor. While Littlefield isn’t technically a candidate, he’s very much in the running for the state’s highest office. He’s just employing a […]

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Letter to the Editor: In regards to the PALS program

Dear MBRSD voters, I am writing regarding the PALS program, what has been referred to as “Alt-Ed for Elementary.” At the bottom of this letter, you will find the sources I pulled data from. The only resource I didn’t include was the timeline of education in the U.S. At the meeting on May 7 at […]

Letter to the Editor: The money is not wasted

Have you been able to go to an open house of the Foster Tech side of Mount Blue High School? The classes offered are amazing, from child care to forest management, from auto mechanic to scientific research, from computer skills to tee-shirt design, from bank teller to composite canoes, and more. The money is not […]

Letter to the Editor: Per pupil spending

Like many locals, I’ve been following the continuing school budget debate closely. I read the latest round of budget proposals a few weeks ago and felt a fair degree of shock. Some towns would see increases of more than twenty percent? That seemed steep by any definition of the word. True, some of that was […]

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