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Letter to the Editor: ‘Thanks’ is not enough(0)

January 24, 2020

Where can I find the words to express the gratitude of the Farmington Fire Rescue Department to our community? Thank You simply falls short. Many of you have asked us “How are you doing?” The answer is different for each of us who has experienced this explosion and the aftermath of Sept. 16. We will […]

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Letter to the Editor: NECEC will have a negative impact on the western Maine mountains

The CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola ad that states that only .0001 percent of Maine forestland will be affected by the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) proposed transmission line corridor through the western Maine mountains is cleverly deceptive but outrageously dishonest. It is like saying that we can blow up our moon because it only represents .000001% of […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Paycheck blues

Gov. Janet Mills is leaving Maine to become governor of Iowa. The reason: Iowa pays its chief executive almost twice as much as Maine. Mills, who earns a paltry $70,000 a year, the lowest gubernatorial salary of any state, also had offers from Kentucky ($148,781), Maryland ($170,000) and North Dakota ($129,096), but went with the […]

Letter to the Editor: Life after CMP

Imagine being able to trust your electricity provider! Imagine opening your electric bill and knowing you are being billed for the actual amount of power that you received. Imagine having electricity delivered to your home or business at a low cost, just and reasonable rate. Imagine having reliable power and reasonable and adequate service. Imagine […]

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