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Letter to the Editor: Thanks Sen. Collins for supporting National Scenic Byway Program(7)

October 17, 2019

As the Coordinator of the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway, I am very grateful to Senator Collins and her colleagues in Washington for creating and passing, by an overwhelming margin in both houses, a bill reopening nominations for the National Scenic Byway Program. I can speak for all the Maine Byways of State and […]

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Politics & Other Mistakes: Microbes in the running

My recent columns insulting U.S. Senate candidates provoked angry responses from unexpected places. Fans of other alleged contenders for the seat currently held by Republican Susan Collins demanded to know why I hadn’t pooped on their candidates, too. To correct that oversight, I borrowed a scanning electron microscope and used it to carefully peruse the […]

Letter to the Editor: Concerned about Mallett School student drop-offs

I am writing this as a grandmother concerned with the safety of our children being dropped off at the Mallett School on late arrival Wednesdays. It is total chaos at the drop off area! Cars are double and even triple parked, some discharge students and they are running between cars and the handicap drop off […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Sweet illusions

Betsy Sweet has spent her career as a lobbyist, so she’s used to advancing unrealistic ideas. In the Sweet universe, it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. It just has to be warm and fuzzy. Speaking of fuzzy, before she ran for governor in 2018, Sweet had a side gig offering customers contact with their […]

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