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Letter to the Editor: Upper Enchanted Township landowners on NECEC(5)

July 18, 2019

Be it known that at the annual landowners meeting of the Upper Enchanted Owners Road Association (UEORA) on May 25, 2019, a quorum of members discussed the CMP NECEC 145-mile proposed transmission line corridor project. The UEORA is made up of 50 private landowners where they enjoy their recreational land and camps in the area […]

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Politics & Other Mistakes: Liberals in disguise

Let’s peel back the many layers of scum surrounding the mysterious entity called the 16 Counties Coalition. Protective clothing and eyewear are recommended. According to the coalition’s statement of purpose, it’s an educational organization dedicated to enlightening the public about all the horrendous stuff Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has done. But the coalition isn’t […]

Letter to the Editor: Grateful for the first annual Wonderfest

It is with grateful hearts that we thank everyone who helped with and attended the First Annual Wonderfest Concert. We were able to raise a good amount of money towards Wonderland for this year and we also had a very good time! There are numerous people who contributed, either by making salads, grilling burgers, providing […]

Letter to the Editor: Doesn’t stand up to scrutiny

Sutherland’s description of “partnerships” between Hydro-Quebec and Indigenous and local communities doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Sutherland points to the 2012 COMEX report about Hydro-Quebec’s “consultation” with the Cree. The report shows Hydro-Quebec was forced by a permit condition to talk to the Cree whose land it would destroy for yet another round of megadam […]

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