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Letter to the Editor: This is why we fight(Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: This is why we fight)

January 20, 2021

I have been involved in the effort to stop the NECEC as a volunteer for over 2 years. Why? Because there is nothing about this project that is good for Maine. It’s time for Maine people to have a say in what happens with this beautiful part of our State. We should not be bullied […]

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Letter to the Editor: In response to Thorn Dickinson

It‘s dark reading CEO Thorn Dickinson’s gleeful seasons greetings on the eve of CMP wanting to launch its devastating power-line clearing operations in western Maine, from Lake Moxie to Quebec. They will start construction in the Moxie Lake area. However, Segment 1, 54 miles long to the Quebec border, is currently under a month long […]

Letter to the Editor

In his recent letter to the editor, Thorn Dickinson tried to sell his new company, New England Clean Energy Connect Transmission, LLC as a friend to the people of Maine while attempting to frame opposition to this corridor as an attempt by the fossil fuel industry to keep market share in our state. I find […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: The second (or third) coming

It’s time to recalibrate our definition of “far-right fanatic.” According to the assessment of a person I’ll get to in a moment, former Republican Gov. Paul LePage and unsuccessful independent U.S. Senate candidate Max Linn no longer qualify, because they’ve been seen in public wearing “face diapers.” Also, LePage worked as a bartender serving demon […]

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