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Letter to the Editor: From 6 feet away I’ve never felt closer(1)

March 27, 2020

Do you know that feeling of intellectual and emotional vertigo which comes when you encounter in a book an aspect of your interior world that you have never before encountered outside your own mind? That powerful affirmation is the core of independent community bookselling, the meeting, sharing and interconnecting of our interior worlds through books. […]

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Letter to the Editor: The trust of the customer

It is a matter of trust and once again CMP has proven that they are not to be trusted. Beyond billing errors, extended outages, questionable land leases and indifference to customer’s complaints a new and shameful low has been achieved with the hiring of a shady private investigator who followed and spied on signature gathers […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Throwing in the towel

I quit. You win. Oops, sorry, haters. I didn’t mean to get your hopes up. I’m not ending this column. I plan to continue using it to trash former Republican Gov. Paul LePage, Central Maine Power’s destructive power-line plans, stupid rules for retail marijuana sales, stupid ideas from Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson, stupid ideas […]

Letter to the Editor: Improve America

We’re fractured. Whether it happened when George Bush Sr. chose not to invade and occupy the Middle East in 1991 or when his son did invade and occupy the Middle East in 2001 is not important. What is important is that we acknowledge it isn’t helping us as a nation. Politics isn’t going to fix […]

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