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Politics & Other Mistakes: The C word(14)

August 3, 2020

In the complicated debate over how to correct injustices heaped upon Maine’s Indigenous People, there’s a word nobody dares to use. No, not the former name of what’s now known as the “Washington Football Team.” (Too bad they didn’t rename it “Washington Team Football,” because then the initials would have accurately reflected that organization’s long […]

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Letter to the Editor: Schools, the Pandemic and the importance of Grace

In the upcoming days we are going to begin to get information from our district’s administrative team regarding our plan for school this fall. They have put in an immense amount of work over the past months trying to balance an impossible number of variables and create a plan that takes into consideration our student […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks from Chief Heidi Wilcox

I wish to thank our community and working partners for their overwhelming support and service this week. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department worked beside us from the onset of the initial apprehension attempt through to the capture of Darell Guy. Franklin County Regional Communications Center fielded numerous calls and communications. Lt. Jason Madore of the […]

Letter to the Editor: You can’t fix stupid

If you go into Walmart and defy the greeter and refuse to wear a mask; I know you think people are seeing you as a rugged individual who refuses to conform liberal norms. But you are wrong. People are looking at you as stupid. Four million nine hundred thousand people have contracted the virus in […]

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