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Letter to the Editor: Managing the Middle East(8)

August 16, 2019

I joined the Marine Corps in 1990 because Saddam Hussein appeared the Hitleresque figure Washington said he was. But after hearing what the intel community had to say it quickly became apparent the war was a favor to wealthy Kuwaitis who wanted their oil revenues back. Chemical attacks cited in justification were carried out under […]

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Politics & Other Mistakes: The real agenda

Maine for Mainers. That phrase seems innocuous enough – if you don’t think about it too much. If you do happen to give it serious consideration (or do a little research), you’ll discover that “Maine for Mainers” has become a racist dog whistle. What it really means is we don’t want any of those stinkin’ […]

Letter to the Editor: No rate increase until CMP is held accountable

CMP is wedged between two connected scandals – their horrible billing problems and the disastrous corridor project the company is trying to shove through Western Maine.A former CMP executive described the company’s billing problems were so bad due to their focus on building a for-profit corridor.CMP is less interested in fixing the billing system because […]

Letter to the Editor: Fund Land for Maine’s Future

The most recent Maine Legislature session ended before any bonds were agreed upon, leaving funding for certain state programs up in the air. One of the programs in limbo is the Land for Maine’s Future fund — our state’s most successful conservation program. Amazingly, despite the fact that voters have supported Land for Maine’s Future […]

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