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Politics & Other Mistakes: The lady doth protest too much(10)

July 16, 2018

Allow me to end the suspense. Susan Collins is going to vote to confirm President Donald Trump’s latest U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Unless Brett Kavanaugh turns out to be concealing a side career as a serial killer; an agent of the North Korean government; or a molester of women, children and farm animals (all distinct […]

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Maine and the Supreme Court Contest

Writing about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Brookings Institute scholars Maya Sen and William Spaniel point out that “a like-minded Senate and president can benefit from keeping the nominee’s preferences opaque, as it makes it harder for the nominee to be exposed as sharing the president’s views?” Americans who assume that presidents choose […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: The beer that wasn’t and other useless information

It’s too hot. There’s no way I’m working hard this week. (Technically speaking, there’s no way I work hard any week, but when the temperature hits 90, I’m more forthcoming about my deficiencies.) That means this column was composed with minimal effort and features nothing but trivial matters. •In Brunswick recently, I spotted a bumper […]

Ranked-choice and the instant run-off tradition in small Maine towns

By Paul H. Mills No doubt the best known and most historic feature of Maine elections last month was introduction of ranked-choice voting, making us the first in the nation to put it to the test in a state-wide election. But the concept of “instant runoff” is actually deeply rooted in a more than 230 […]

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