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Letter to the Editor: Support second referendum on CMP corridor(Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: Support second referendum on CMP corridor)

October 27, 2020

Last winter, hundreds of volunteer signature collectors, like me, worked tirelessly to put the CMP corridor issue on the November ballot. Unfortunately after CMP sued their own customers, Maine’s highest court ruled that our original referendum couldn’t direct the Executive branch to take action. So, I’m proud to join forces once again to collect signatures […]

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Letter to the Editor: Greg Kimber vs Randall Hall for the Maine House of Representatives

Greg Kimber is running against Randall Hall for the House seat in district 114 which includes the towns of Chesterville, Industry, New Vineyard, Strong, Wilton and Temple. When I think about which local candidate to vote for in an election, character is an important factor, but more importantly are their views affecting our town, the […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Getting even

Revenge is a kind of wild justice; which the more man’s nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. •Francis Bacon This cesspool of a campaign has accomplished one thing: It’s freed Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins from having to be nice to anyone ever again. Should Collins somehow win re-election for […]

Letter to the Editor: Trump – The Nadir of Disgrace

Why would any person with even a modicum of self respect still support a power-mad narcissist for president? One who calls our war dead losers and suckers? Ditto for our military service chiefs whom he dismissed as “a bunch of dopes and babies”? And brags about being a billionaire who paid $750 in taxes for […]

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