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Letter to the Editor: Ain’t that odd?(0)

March 22, 2019

I was just reviewing the information relevant to the proposed Central Maine Power New England Clean Energy Connect corridor and, as I continued to peruse the facts, the thought that continued to haunt me was: “Ain’t that odd?” The Mills administration made it clear that one of its priorities was to address climate change. When […]

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Letter to the Editor: Mills is wrong to try to Eco-balance

What a total disappointment that the Mills administration has opted to follow the same old model of compromising the health of Maine’s environment away. This is called eco-balancing and it employs the notion that CMP’s offer to provide $248 million over 40 years will provide a benefit that is equal to or greater than the […]

NECEC and ‘Christmas Trees’

Maine, and particularly my neck of the woods, has been consumed with the debate about whether CMP should build a huge transmission line through Western Maine. I know where I stand: I think Maine should say no to this corridor because it’s a bad deal. For those of you who haven’t made up your mind […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Is there a pill for this?

If you’re considering committing a murder in Maine, you should act quickly. Pulling the trigger before the state decides to hire a new chief medical examiner means your case will be investigated by Maine’s current M.E., Dr. Mark Flomenbaum, whose resume is something of a defense attorney’s dream. Flomenbaum has been in the news lately […]

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