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Politics & Other Mistakes: Numbers game(2)

June 26, 2017

To avoid lawyers, move to Piscataquis County. According to the state Board Of Bar Overseers, there are only eight attorneys in that huge chunk of territory, a mere .004 percent of the population. The counties that are next closest to being lawyer-free zones are Oxford and Somerset (both .007 percent) and Franklin (.009 percent, although […]

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Letter to the Editor: Activists right on Senate health care bill

The Republican Senate today released their draft of the American Health Care Act, which is intended to replace the the existing Affordable Care Act. Polls show that a majority of Americans are in opposition to the House version of this legislation, and with good reason. There is no guarantee of coverage for preexisting conditions; Medicaid […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s support solar legislation in Augusta this year

Last year our representatives in Augusta fell just short of passing a law that would have established a coherent policy to support the solar energy industry in Maine. For years Maine has been limping along at last place in New England for solar. But this year, the LePage-appointed Public Utilities Commission issued a ruling that […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Kingdom of gettin’ it wrong

Would Mary Mayhew make a good governor? Hell, no. Republican Mayhew, who recently resigned after six years as commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services so she could announce her gubernatorial ambitions, has an interesting resume. She’s been an active Democrat, directing a 1990 congressional campaign, working for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton […]

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