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Letter to the Editor: LD 946 does not provide real protection(0)

May 25, 2019

To protect your family, would you lock the back door of your house but leave the front door unlocked? The Maine Legislature is about to do just that by passing an online privacy bill that only covers internet service providers like Bee Line, while leaving websites, social media, search engines and data brokers exempt. LD […]

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Letter to the Editor: Concerned resident

The Russells Mills Bridge so called on Temple stream which is one road wide has been condemned for travel by the Maine Department of Transportation last winter and it looks like it may not ever be in use again. It was a travel way for many people for about 200 years. Concerned resident, Ronald Greenwood […]

Letter to the Editor: NECEC continues

NECEC continues to air untruthful ads. A recent ad states that New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) represents a “singular opportunity” to come to grips with global warming. That statement is untrue, as Vermont’s New England Clean Power Link (NECPL) is a legitimate alternative to NECEC for bringing hydro power from Quebec to Massachusetts with […]

Politics & Other Mistakes: Primary objections

I don’t eat yogurt. I’m not a soccer fan. I’ve never seen an episode of “Game of Thrones.” I don’t feel excluded from the cabals that revel in these fads, because I’m comfortable with my decisions not to eat disgusting slop, waste hours on a sport where no one scores, or engage with weirdos obsessed […]

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