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Snow, rain, snow, thaw: The cold returns(8)

January 15, 2017

By Jane Naliboff
Someone wasn’t expecting an up and down, wet and dry, January thaw on Minnehonk Lake.

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Snow sculptures

By Elizabeth Mehlin
Winter wonderland found in the detail of a Department of Public Works snow pile.

A new year begins

By Steve Muise
During the 2016 Farmington Christmas Bird Count, six teams organized by Trevor Persons set out to count all of the individual birds within a 15-mile diameter circle. Thirty-five species were found on the count this year. This pileated woodpecker was found near the Sandy River in Fairbanks during the count.

Christmas 2016

By Jane Naliboff
It looks like the Eagle family will be having fresh yellow perch for their Christmas dinner.

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