Franklin Countys First News

A busy fall

Blue-headed Vireo in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Purple Finch in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Palm Warbler in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Mourning Warbler in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Lincoln’s Sparrow in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

A bluebird portrait. (Karen Dalot)

A bluebird showing it's beautiful colors. (Karen Dalot)

A bluebird posing for a picture. (Karen Dalot)

Woodpecker. (Karen Dalot)

A blue heron. (Karen Dalot)

A very active hornets nest. (Dennis York)

A skunk in Weld. (Dennis York)

A muskrat at sunset. (Dennis York)

Saving an acorn for winter. (Dennis York)

Male woodduck. (Dennis York)

A chipmunk with a message. "Don't forget to wash your hands!" Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A wood thrush checking out my front lawn. (Jim Knox)

It's been a dry summer and the birds know it! Be sure to leave some water in your bird bath. This Chickadee would lift its head from the water and swallow with its beak open every time. (Jim Knox)

A white-throated sparrow just singing away. Most of the birds by the end of the season are not very loud. (Jim Knox)

Creep he didn't. A little Brown Creeper "runs " up a tree. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Sunset on Misery Pond. (Paige Plourde)

Cow moose in the swamp. (Paige Plourde)

It's worth the bumpy, rocky road and short walk to experience the solitude of Shiloh Pond in Kingfield, especially in foliage season. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Crystal clear Shiloh Pond in Kingfield dressed up for fall. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

The views of Mt. Abraham, Sugarloaf, the Canadian Mountains, Big and small Bigelow range, Poplar, and Claybrook mountains from Ira Mountain between Kingfield and Stratton is well worth the drive. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Cairn on Mt. Ira. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos!!!!❤❤

  2. Nice Woodduck!!!!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to the many species of birds, Tom.

  4. Thanks Jane, wood ducks are my favorite ducks

  5. Your are quite welcome, Dennis! I love the reflection. Tom, you always have such a great variety of birds we don't always see.

  6. Beautiful pictures again this week!! Thank you to all of the photographers!!

  7. Thanks Pat B and Jane K for the comments. I enjoy sharing my photos on the Bulldog.

  8. Very nice!🙂