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A closer look

With winter settling in, Franklin County's many talented photographers are here to bring readers the best shots of nature and those who live in it. The basis for the Sunday collections goes back to March 2011, when author and photographer Jane Naliboff of Chesterville began sending a few pictures each week. Other photographers have since joined the effort, creating one of the Bulldog's most widely appreciated features. If you are interested in contributing, please send photos with a caption and your name to

Nothing more beautiful than red berries in winter: red on green and white. (Jane Knox)

Freezing feet in this crusty snow but I guess we will get a pay load tomorrow. (Jane Knox)

Squirrel was curious and decided to take a closer look at that berry on steroids. (Jane Naliboff)

So he pushed his little squirrel head under it as far as he could get it. ( Jane Naliboff)

Oops! Maybe a bit too far. (Jane Naliboff)

Oh, no he cried. Help me someone! The other party guests were too busy ferrying seeds home to do anything. Suddenly Squirrel remembered that he could flatten himself to fit into teeny attic holes. And that’s what saved him. He willed himself to become a flat Stanley and slid himself out and down into the new snow, and decided to stay away from those berries on steroids. Merry Christmas George and all other lovers of our woodland creatures, silly and smart. (Jane Naliboff)

Squirrel landed safe and sound in a fresh pile of fluffy snow.
(Jane Naliboff)

Best place to be alone inside in the wintery wilderness. (Jane Knox)

Touch of Color just before The Storm. (Heidi Smith)

At Clearwater. (Heidi Smith)

The Throughway from Industry to Starks. (Heidi Smith)

Long Pond, Belgrade Lakes. (Jane Naliboff)

Saturday's storm added a fresh carpet of white to the Meetinghouse Park. (Don Waterhouse)

Lighted Christmas trees and a moon crescent create a glow along the Kingfield bridge. (Don Waterhouse)

Beaver Bog. (Heidi Smith)

The lighted wire bridge at dusk. (Don Waterhouse)

Lights adorn the wire bridge in New Portland. (Don Waterhouse)

Mrs. Downy Woodpecker made a brief appearance at the party. (Jane Naliboff)

Miss Mourning Dove says it's important that your feet match the decor. (Jane Naliboff)

With the start of ice fishing on Crowell Pond, come the eagles looking for handouts. (Jane Naliboff)

Dark Eyed Junco came to the party very hungry and eager to try everything. (Jane Naliboff)

Chickadee came early to the holiday party. (Jane Naliboff)

A female yellow-bellied sapsucker made her first ever appearance at the Naliboff snack bar. (Jane Naliboff)

Parker Pond, Vienna. (Jane Naliboff)

Parker Pond, Vienna. (Jane Naliboff)

Sleet is no fun city. (Jane Naliboff)

Shoreline of Long Pond, Belgrade Lakes. (Jane Naliboff)

Winter in Maine. (Jane Naliboff)

PEACE! (Jane Naliboff)

Christmas Eve sunset, Crowell Pond. (Jane Naliboff)

Looking toward the hills from Crowell Pond, Christmas Eve. (Jane Naliboff)

Christmas Eve eagle, Crowell Pond. (Jane Naliboff)

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  1. Love the beautiful sky at Parker Pond..

  2. What an amazing Christmas gift! Thank you for these and all pix from this year.

  3. Your talent is such as blessing, reminding us of the beauty around us. (love the story too!) Merry Christmas to all, furry or feathered too!

  4. Jane, your pictures are amazing!!!!

  5. Thank you all for these gorgeous reminders of the paradise we share. Merry Christmas.

  6. Thank you for all of these beautiful sites you shared. We're so blessed to have these everyday visitors.

  7. Love your touch of color, Heidi. Less is always more.

  8. These pictures are truly a gift in themselves. Thank you so much.

  9. What a spectacular group of amazing pics!! Thank you once again Jane Naliboff; the little squirrel series brightened up my morning !! (As well as all of the others!) Happy Holidays to you and your family. G

  10. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

  11. Such a wonderful Christmas gift to us all! What was that squirrel trying to do?

  12. Thank you so much to all the talented artists , best presents are the ones from nature.