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A muddy tradition continues in Kingfield

The knee deep muddy field was in prime condition for the weekend's championship game.

KINGFIELD - What began as a group of friends horsing around in the muddy fields of Carrabassett Valley has evolved into a structured competition, with teams from all over New England participating.

Mud Bowl brought more than a hundred participants and supporters to Kingfield this weekend for the annual games, hosted each year by the previous champions. According to the event's veterans, the sport was born in the early 1970s, when a handful of fraternity boys from The University of Maine at Orono decided to hold a flag football game on an unusually muddy field in Carrabassett Valley. Not long after the Carrabassett Valley Rats were formed.

The move to Kingfield occurred not long after, aligning with the town's yearly summer celebration, Kingfield Days. Teams from Massachusetts and New Hampshire set up camp for the weekend-long championship game, complete with food, drinks, and of course, a cold river to clean off in.

The North Conway Crocs were up against the North Conway Hogs Sunday afternoon.

Young mud enthusiasts practice for the future.

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  1. I felt a bit of nostalgia as I read this. In the early 90's a couple of friends and I would referee these games. We were included as part of the show and enjoyed the sport as much as anyone. I also learned where the nearest glacier was, as it had to be just up around the bend in the stream behind the field. Cold!! Thanks for the article and the pictures. My best goes out to you sloggers. I hope the sport endures.