Franklin Countys First News

A solstice freeze

A winter wonderland, a group of deer in a curtain of snow! (Jim Knox)

As it got warm this week, someone thought it would be a good time for a walk. A Woolly Bear. I put him next to the house so it would be warm. Nope, that's not what it wanted. Again it walked back across this board walk. (Jim Knox)

A buck has lost part of his rack in Rangeley. (Jim Knox)

Black capped chickadee resting in a pine tree where it was a bit warmer. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

... and one tufted titmouse in a pine tree. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Sheep keeping an eye on me , Mt. Vernon. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

A curious goat, Mt. Vernon. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Juvenile eagle waiting for a fish on Crowell with the utmost of patience. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Minnehonk Lake, Mount Vernon (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Frosted whiskers, wind chill 0. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

When whiskers freeze, it's cold enough. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Crowell Pond's snow dusted trees provide good shelter for the resident eagles and their offspring. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Mt. Vernon Community Center through the trees. (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Frozen until spring, Parker Pond (Photographed by Jane Naliboff)

Farmington Town park and Gazebo that is decorated for holidays. (Jim Dwinal)

Farmington Town park and Gazebo that is decorated for holidays. (Jim Dwinal)

(Karen Dalot)

A woodpecker. (Karen Dalot)

A woodpecker hard at work. (Karen Dalot)

A little green grass poking out of the snow. (Karen Dalot)

Cold Industry walk. (Paige Plourde)

Sunset Messo Lake. (Paige Plourde)

Rushing winter brook. (Paige Plourde)

An old tractor rests in a field of new-fallen snow. (Don Waterhouse)

Meetinghouse Park lit up in black and white. (Don Waterhouse)

A bull moose on rt. 16. (Dennis York)

A young buck with long spikes. (Dennis York)

A nice 7 pt. buck in Coplin plt. (Dennis York)

A doe in Coplin plt. (Dennis York)

An 8 pt. buck in Coplin plt. (Dennis York)

A bull moose on rt 16. (Dennis York)


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  1. You have all out done yourselves once again, I love them all especially the tractor, it's waiting for spring. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you so much. Amazing of all the animals. Especially of so many "wild animals." Thank you again, I really enjoy so many pictures of wild animals.

  3. All the critters look prepared for the cold. Thanks to all you who brave the cold to get the shots.

  4. Great pictures.

  5. Look at that moose! What an amazing creature. Beautiful pictures everyone!

  6. That tractor gonna start in the spring?

  7. Want to convey my thanks to the next best thing to being there, some incredible photography.