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Avon town meeting: All articles approved, two selectmen elected

Avon's annual town meeting in session on Saturday.

AVON - Voters elected officers for the coming year and passed all 59 articles of the warrant at the annual town meeting on Saturday, March 18. The town warrant draft was approved as recommended by selectmen with a few alterations to the budget.

Jerry Gilchrist (standing) former selectman was re-elected to the board at the annual town meeting.

Former Selectman Jerry Gilchrist was elected to fill John Calloway's two remaining years on the board. Calloway resigned yesterday. First Selectman Greta Espeaignnette was re-elected to begin her third term.

Other re-elected officials included town clerk and tax collector, Mary Dunham; Bruce Dunham and Maureen Haley for constable and treasurer, respectively, and Jerry Haines as road commissioner.

The budget this year is up from last, with an unofficial approved total of $230,184. The increased budget over last year includes a town truck ($25,000), starting a road construction/paving account ($25,000), and a snack shack and other renovations to the Walli Ballpark ($1,500 up from the recommended $1,000). Additionally, the town will add $200 for the Avon little league fund, $984 to the Community Concepts fund and $500 towards the Phillips Historic Society.

Moderator Richard Caton leads the annual town meeting in Avon on Saturday with help from town clerk Mary Dunham.

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