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Award winning kaleidoscope showcases Maine tourmaline

FARMINGTON - A representation of one of Maine's lesser known secrets is now on display in southern California, showcasing the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline in the form of a kaleidoscope.

Jeweler Derek Katzenbach of Farmington created the kaleidoscope which now sits in a display case at Gemological Institute of America, alongside several other of Katzenbach's pieces.

The kaleidoscope created by Derek Katzenbach.

"I wanted to showcase Maine material. A lot of people don't realize how much [tourmaline] we have, so my hope was to help put us on the map," Katzenbach said.

Katzenbach is a jack of all trades in the world of jewelry making. While most jewelers focus on one aspect of the process, Katzenbach does a little bit of everything, which allows him to be even more creative he said. The kaleidoscope did just that- offering an opportunity for Katzenbach to hand build his unique vision. From cutting the stones and placing them, to configuring all the pieces, the kaleidoscope is 100 percent Katzenbach.

Two years ago the piece took first place in the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Awards in the category of "Objects of Art," and finally was donated to the display halls of GIA, where Katzenbach also attended school. Following his time at GIA, Katzenbach worked with Addison Saunders, the creator of the Maine state necklace, as well as at Mainestone Jewelery on Broadway.

Katzenbach creates custom pieces, such as engagement rings, and participates in gem shows as well. His jewelry can be found at Cross Jewelers in Portland as well as on his website.

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  1. Congratulations Derek!!! Your work is stunning!