Franklin Countys First News

Be Mine

Love makes the world go around in Farmington. (Joe Hall)

Be Mine! in Farmington. (Joe Hall)

While walking out in the woods, I spotted this ruffed grouse perching in a birch tree. (Laura Ganz)

Watch out. Very unstable ice. First in and then out. (Jane Knox)

(Jane Knox)

I lined up my phone camera to the binocular lens to take this picture of a Barred Owl. With all the wildlife around our home I'm thinking we need to invest in a camera! (Sarah Thompson)

Long shadows on an early afternoon in February. (Bernadette Harvell)


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3 Responses »

  1. Sarah, creative picture taking!

  2. Very interesting pictures, as usual.

  3. Sorry I missed but I'm really glad I've seen the beautiful "pictures" ;-)