Franklin Countys First News

Braving the storm

Every so often this Blue Jay would look up to see if I was still watching him. (Jim Knox)

Bluejay flying off with a sunflower seed. (Jane Naliboff)

Gray squirrel at the filling station during the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

When it gets cold out Deer will stick near each other; This mother puts her young in between a snow bank and her for protection. Rangeley. ( Jim Knox )

Feeding time in Stratton! (Dennis York)

To keep warm on a day that temps were below zero this Blue Jay would keep his head cuddled within his feathers...For a long time. Wilton ( Jim Knox )

A female downy woodpecker found the suet she needed to help her survive winter and the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

Moon over snowy peaks. (Maria James)

Sunrise after the storm. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Eyes closed against the wind, a turkey took time to rest in a tree. (Jane Naliboff)

Four little dark eyed juncos waiting in a tree for their turn to feed. (Jane Naliboff)

Turkey having a time out from the wind. (Jane Naliboff)

Sunrise celebration in pinks after the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

New Year's buck in Stratton. (Dennis York)

Wild turkey, back to the wind. (Jane Naliboff)

Morning calm and warming sun, although I'm still waiting for a bit of warmth. Baby, it's COLD outside! (Jane Naliboff)

Stillness over Camden Harbor before the storm and wind moved in. (Jane Naliboff)

Night, not a creature was stirring... (Jane Naliboff)

Bambi with his Winter coat. Weld. ( Jim Knox )

With a cold color sunset as a background and temps below zero this Grouse sits high in a tree; the cold weather not bothering him. Weld. ( Jim Knox )

With four mature males, a fight was inevitable during the crush for food in the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

Bluejay found food and shelter in the window feeder during the height of the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

You can turn it off now. (Jane Naliboff)

Bluejay sweeping snow from the platform feeder. (Jane Naliboff)

One lonely chickadee found the snack bar in the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

In the middle of the blizzard. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Bluejay keeping an eye on me. (Earl Williams)

Calm before the storm - sunset over the Kennebec Wednesday afternoon. (Maria James)

The Sandy River as seen from The Bridge in New Sharon before the "bombogenesis" of a storm last week. (Heidi Smith/Starks)

Bobcat cruising through my backyard in Vienna. (Matt)


Snow so deep and furiously falling, that sliding was more efficient than walking or flying. (Jane Naliboff)

Icy seaweed (Jane Naliboff)

Winter's hold on the in beach in Rockland. (Jane Naliboff)

Sun just barely over the horizon. (Jane Knox)

Frozen over. (Jane Knox)

Frigid Rockalnd Harbor. (Jane Naliboff)

Rockland Harbor, pre-storm (Jane Naliboff)

Inside looking out. (Heidi Smith/Starks)

Sailboats bedded down until spring. (Jane Naliboff)

Just frozen red rocks in these temps. (Jane Knox)

Am waiting for a handout. (Jane Knox)

The North Haven ferry, carrying my daughter and granddaughter home, passes by the Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light the day before the storm.(Jane Naliboff)

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  1. Great pictures !!! Matt in Vienna that is actually a lynx with the little tufts of hair at the tips of the ears.

  2. Stunning photos again this week. Birds, Bambi, Bobcats and Bombogenesis. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Spectacular photos this week.

  4. always. The deer in Stratton..Was this at the Power's Residence in Coplin? I know they have fed the deer for many years.

  5. Awesome pictures! The buck has no browtines, just like the one who frequents our backyard in Farmington.

  6. The photo of all the deer just took my breath away. I never saw anything like that.

  7. We know who the devoted photographers are - outside getting the shots! Sending warm thoughts.

  8. Beautiful pictures done by all of you. This is always wonderful of all of you "GREAT" photographers & THANK YOU . All pictures are great, my favorites are all every time you all do so many pictures of birds & animals. Again from me to you all, thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures.

  9. Beautiful pictures this week, amazing that the birds can keep from freezing..

  10. Awesome Photos everyone!

  11. Stunning pics!! The squirrels, birds, deer, fawns, and a lynx - what a way to start my week!!! Thank you for the wonderful gifts you continue to give us every week!

  12. Awesome picture but feel sorry for the animals and birds with all the snow and bitter cold

  13. I didn't know we had bobcats or lynxes in this area, thought that was a pet cat til I read the caption. The closeups of the birds are just exquisite, and the deer!

  14. Blue Jays, Bobcats, and Turkeys, Oh My!

    ...Or should I say Oh, Deer :)

    Great wildlife photos! Thank you.

  15. Nice Bobcat < Good job getting a picture of him, Matt!

  16. Great pictures! Maria = love your photo,

  17. Maria James
    Your photo of the moon over snowy peaks is beautiful.
    Great catch !!!

  18. Absolutely a Bobcat Jesse! Nice photo's folks. Keep them coming.

  19. Wonderful photos, many thanks to all you talented photographers.

  20. its a bobcat for sure, The tuffs of hair in Lynx's are much taller then bobcats