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Bridge Street in Phillips closed to through traffic after culvert clogs

PHILLIPS - Bridge Street has been closed to through traffic until further notice today, after a heavy rainfall and a beaver lodge conspired to block a culvert.

Following the recent rainstorms in Phillips, Town Manager Maureen Haley said, residents discovered that water was not flowing through the culvert on Bridge Street near the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad Station. Instead, with water flowing down on both sides of the road, Haley said that the town had made the decision to put up barricades.

"We had a lot of rain a hurry," Haley said. She said that despite the town's efforts to keep it clear, it appeared that a beaver lodge constructed up the road from the culvert had collapsed, potentially plugging it with material.

Bridge Street is still accessible to residents, although some may need to drive around to the other entrance to access their homes. The road is closed until further notice for through traffic.

The good news is, the culvert was slated for replacement anyway, as part of a $95,000 Maine Department of Environmental Protection Water Bond grant tied to the Clean Water for Maine bond passed by state voters in 2014. The funds are designed to replace failing culverts and prevent washouts, open up fish spawning habitats and reduce erosion impact.

Haley said that she anticipates the culvert will be replaced sometime this year.

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  1. Sorry to hear the road flooded but my immediate thought was at least people will not be using the road as much even if for a day or 2. Speeding on that road is a big problem. Please slow down people, kids and dogs at play!