Franklin Countys First News

Chasing the last of fall

Trying to hide in the branches. (Karen Dalot)

Resting on a fence post. (Karen Dalot)

I had my fill, time to fly away. (Karen Dalot)


A chickadee. (Karen Dalot)

Just hanging around. (Karen Dalot)


A woodpecker. (Karen Dalot)

Checking out the views. (Karen Dalot)

Nothing shows the fall colors better... a gray fox, Wilton (Jim Knox)

With the leaves now gone and temps on the way down, early morning mist moves in and snow will not be far behind. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A Great Blue Heron, Hills Pond. (Jim Knox)

Mosher Hill Waterfall at high water. (Paige Plourde)

Mosher Hill Waterfall at high water. (Paige Plourde)

Friday's crusty snow cover created interesting patterns on blades of grass. (Don Waterhouse)

Light crusty snow capped red berries Friday morning. (Don Waterhouse)

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  1. All great pictures but I like the red berry best.

  2. Where is Mosher Hill waterfalls?

  3. Thank you, all. Nice wild life close-ups. Such a gorgeous fox, Jim.

  4. These are all beautiful. Birds at our feeders were filling up today ahead of the storm.

  5. Jim Knox: Congratulations on winning the grand prize in the Down East Reader’s Photo Contest for wildlife with your excellent scarlet tanager entry. Well done! Well deserved!

  6. What a gorgeous "Foggy Maine in Late Fall". Usually we think "a painting so realistic that it looks like a photograph", but this is the opposite. Could be Mary Cassatt. Thanks

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