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Chesterville moves forward with town meeting, adjustments in place

The Chesterville Board of Selectmen

CHESTERVILLE - The Board of Selectmen held an emergency meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the upcoming annual town meeting. They proposed opening the meeting Friday and then moving to postpone proceedings until May 29.

Several towns across the state have been making alternative arrangements, as public health experts warn about the increasing risk of social gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If possible, the meeting will be held outside of the town office at 409 Dutch Gap Road, allowing for voters to keep the recommended six feet of distance from one another. The meeting will elect a moderator, relying on at least three people for a vote. The process will also require the town clerk and ballot people to attend the meeting. If any of those people cannot, or choose not, to attend, the meeting will not proceed.

Following the election of a moderator, a member of the board will move to postpone the town meeting until May 29. The motion will also need to include approval for selectmen to make payments on behalf of the town. Those payments include things such as bills associated with town-owned buildings and general assistance payments.

Town buildings will be closed to the public for the next two weeks.

On March 29 at 1 p.m., the board of selectmen will meet to reassess operations.

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  1. Why so far out? Isn't this Memorial weekend?

  2. Memorial Day is the last Monday in May, which is the 25th. So Memorial weekend is the 23rd and 24th.