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Chesterville residents elect town officials

CHESTERVILLE - Residents reelected three incumbents and one new selectman Friday, with the remaining 44 articles of the town meeting to be taken up Monday evening.

Incumbent Selectmen Matthew Welch and Tiffany Estabrook were reelected to three-year terms on the board, receiving 95 and 60 votes, respectively, on a ballot that had voters selecting their two top candidates for the open seats. Write-in candidate and former selectman Matt Lord, Jr. received 44 votes, leading a field of five other write-in candidates that otherwise combined for eight votes. There were 77 blank votes.

For the one-year term on the board, John Archer was elected with 89 votes over Stefanie Poulson's 40 votes. Ten write-in votes were cast; nine of them for Lord, who vacated that seat. There were 3 blank votes.

On the Regional School Unit 9 board, Director Craig Stickney was reelected with 75 votes, besting write-in candidate Ira Hall's 48 votes. Three other write-in candidates received five total votes and there were 14 blank votes.

The remaining articles on the warrant will be taken up by the town on Monday evening, beginning at 7 p.m. Prior to that, beginning at 5 p.m., a spaghetti supper will be held at the town office, hosted by the Chesterville Heritage Society.

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  1. I would like to thank all of you that have supported me over the past three years and have asked me to continue for the next three years. The students are my number one priority, and will continue to strive for what I feel is the best for them, their parents and community members.
    Thank you again,
    Craig Stickney

  2. Congratulations Mr. Stickney on the re-election keep up the good work !!!!

  3. Congrats Chesterville.
    Good Luck With That....

  4. @ ya get you seem disappointed. Perhaps you should have run or maybe just maybe the town exercised their right and voted for who they want in the seats. You can be sure of one thing the elected officials will be doing what is right for all the people in the town of Chesterville.

  5. Thank you Mr. Stickney for all of your endurance throughout your last three years and I wish you luck in your next three. I have been faithfully watching the live stream of the meetings at my own convenience when they have been posted and have noticed your efforts to do things correctly despite the resistance that you have faced. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated. PS: Why would the board vote to get rid of the live stream? It appears that admin changes are taking away from board transparency. I hope that after all elections are complete that the board changes out for the better of our community.

  6. Says they must have done something right or they wouldn't have been re-elected. It takes a little extra to step up and face the opposition on matters that count, doing your homework,following your conscience and voting against the establishment. Keep it up and congratulations to all of you!

  7. Congratulations Mr. Stickney on winning your reelection. It appears that after your February 6th meeting and what appeared in the Sun Journal and the bulldog, it was an attempt to sway the election. Good luck in your next three year term.

  8. Hey" ya get what you get" I for one am relieved that Craig is still on the board to keep us informed of what the board tries to hide, its about as transparent as Obama was with Obamacare. Ira Hall would have done a great job as well I'm sure but the residents chose Craig. Its better for all that boards of any kind dont get along but they have to have respect for the process. I have attended several school board meetings and it's apparent that Craig and Jesse ( industry's board member) are not part of the rubber stampers. Thank God for both of them.

  9. no name

    March 9, 2019 • 1:06 pm
    ..... I have been faithfully watching the live stream of the meetings at my own convenience when they have been posted and have noticed your efforts to do things correctly despite the resistance that you have faced. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated. ………..PS: Why would the board vote to get rid of the live stream? It appears that admin changes are taking away from board transparency...."

    I just watched the February 27 meeting

  10. Chuck, enjoy it while you can

  11. Comparing small town politics to federal politics? Just dropping it in your comment like it is even remotely comparable?

  12. Chuck:
    Apparently you missed the vote of the board to stop live streaming for a year.

  13. Chuck: I don't see any live stream meeting for February 27. The last meeting was February 26, and the last video that I see is dated January 22. Can you tell me where you found the live stream for 2/27?


    "The last meeting was February 26" That meeting is labeled as a test

  15. The only live stream from February is the budget meeting on the 27th.

  16. I would urge everyone to contact their board member and ask them about this. Their names and emails are on the district website. You might also ask how they voted and why.

  17. Congratulations to our returning selectmen and welcome to John Archer joining the board. His conduct as Fire Chief was commendable showing fiscal responsibility and I'm looking forward to hearing his input at the table. Thank you Mr.Stickney for being willing to continue to fight for our children. It appears that many of us do appreciate your efforts even after all of the negative publicity. 😊

  18. @mr davis I went on and tried going on the livestream marked as test like you said and it does nothing. It is not the board meeting because you can see by the time stamp that the “test” occurred around 12:30 pm the meeting didn’t start until 7:00 pm. Also after speaking with my board member I have great concern about no public record of what happens at said meetings. One last thing about the number of people “viewing” they say 3-5 upto 15 yet most of the videos have had a much larger number having viewed them. So maybe not many sit and watch as it’s live but there are many people that watch later.

  19. One of the last viewings of the livestream schoolboard meeting had 88 people viewing it. According to the number shown at the time. Maybe not enough interest by the students at the tech class? Money can't be an issue.! People want it back. Let,s see what we can do.

  20. Bob Millay

    Bob Going to the school board site and to Livestream Board Meetings I don't think the "88 people viewing" is what it's all about If you click on any of the list of 88 you can see who they are If you click on what the individual are "following" you can see what feeds they are following and all are not following the school board meetings

    I viewed the 2/27 meeting several times and it did not change the 88 There may be something there that does record the number of times anything is viewed but it misses me!

    I think that the school board site is very well done and that if any citizen feels uninformed it is their fault!

  21. @ mr. davis the number of views only changes when a new person views it. I believe that it remembers you having watched it. Other live streams show different numbers. Computers are amazing!!!

  22. Chuck, the board voted in Feb. of this year to discontinue the livestreaming. The reasons thrown out ,I have alluded to in my previous comment. I know that people miss it. I don't think the reasons given are strong enough to deprive the public from this courtesy. However, a group has been formed to video the meetings and put it on Facebook, I believe, so all can again watch it. We sometimes can't make it to the board meetings for various reasons, one being our weather of late.While I personally attend meetings of import, there are still many that prefer the comfort and convenience of home. Have a nice evening.