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Chief Wilcox adds story time to duties

Chief of Police Heidi Wilcox leads story time at the Wilton Free Public Library.

WILTON - More than 30 children sat patiently for story time at the Wilton Free Public Library on Friday, listening intently to one of their favorite local rock stars.

The "Libraries Rock" theme for this year's summer program brings prominent figures of Wilton to the rocking chair of story time for a read aloud with children from the community. Friday brought an especially large crowd of happy listeners, with Chief of Police Heidi Wilcox reading "Tommy Can't Stop."

"The Chief has always been super willing to do this. She's great," Children's program coordinator Cassie Savage said.

Wilcox has been a consistent supporter of the library, helping when needed and leading story time at least once a summer. Last year the Chief even brought her cruiser for story listeners to explore following the reading.

"She lets them ask questions and gives answers about her job, I think it's really good for the kids," Savage said.

The program will continue story hour with "famous" locals, welcoming hosts such as Senator Tom Saviello and Selectboard Chair Tiffany Maiuri. For a full schedule of children's program events see the calendar below or go to

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  1. Chief Wilcox takes/expands "community policing" to a new level

    Wilton is lucky to have her on board!

  2. I sure hope people in Wilton know how lucky they are to have Heidi working for them. Keep up the good work Heidi.

  3. Many thanks to the Wilton Police Chief....Being involved in the Community
    is so important in this day and age..How about an article on the members
    of, not only this department, but the officers of all surrounding police departments who keep the 'watch' and our communities safe. Thank our 'Blue Line' for their efforts and service.

  4. That’s very cool and not afraid to be awesome!

  5. Great idea! So important to get different people involved with kids and reading. This lets kids know how many different people from different walks of life value reading. It also helps them to make connections to these people and their professions. Thank you to all involved!

  6. Community policing at its finest - go Chief !

  7. What a great program for the children to attend and get to know their wonderful police chief..

  8. Best story I've read in a long time. It takes individuals like this who understand and dedicate to serving others to make a great community.

  9. Way to go, Chief!

  10. Heidi is an awesome person..always giving of herself to the community...

  11. A good cop who “gets it”. Wilton is fortunate to have Chief

  12. Hard to understate how important these positive interactions with police are for kids... I wish we all had time/energy/funding to make this the norm rather than the exception. Kudos to Heidi and the DB for displaying one of the best remnants of the "old school" philosophy of policing in a modern setting. May we see more of this across the board...

  13. Heidi is the best! When I was teaching pre school in Jay, she came into my classroom a few times to be with the kids. They loved her! And what an excellent role model for young girls!
    Wilton is very lucky to have Chief Heidi !

  14. I want to publically add my total appreciation for Chief Wilcox. She's NOT ONLY is she doing wonderful work with the little ones...but on the other spectrum, she's been completely wonderful with our seniors. I am very grateful for all that she's done with checking-in on my mother.