Franklin Countys First News

Color everywhere

Up close and personal with fungi gills. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Grazing on a sunny afternoon in Vienna. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

As the the leaves turn. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Chipmunk yoga: the Guinea Pig pose. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Little Chip's morning scratch. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Here's looking at you.

This was taken at sunrise Wednesday September 25 at Holbrook Road New Vineyard. Springside Farm. (Jill Bates)

Early fall color on a young red maple. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin)

Friday, Sept. 27 evening drive to Weld and Kineowatha. (Bernadette Harvell)

(Bernadette Harvell)

(Bernadette Harvell)

A bear took a selfie on my game camera! (Dennis York)

Starting to look like fall. (Dennis York)

Snowy Egret in Carthage. (Dennis York)

Egret with a nasty neck injury in Carthage. (Dennis York)

Canada Geese heading south over the fields at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Pine Warbler in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Hairy Woodpeckers at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Cedar Waxwing eating berries at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

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  1. If you have trouble making out WHO's looking at you in the "Here's looking at you" picture, try enlarging it. It can be blown up quite a lot without going grainy, and the creature at the center is definitely a frog. (No photographer?)

  2. the bear selfie!!