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Commissioners fund Madrid land purchase, other projects

FARMINGTON - Commissioners approved using Tax Increment Financing funds to go toward the purchase of Madrid property at Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioners have been working with the Madrid Historical Society, Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and Maine Department of Transportation on the project, which seeks to create a scenic turnout at the intersection of Reeds Mills Road and Route 4.

The county's interest has largely been in demolishing the old Madrid Store and Poacher's Paradise buildings, neither of which is usable. The old store building currently cuts off view of the Reeds Mill Road bridge, which is one-lane. As a result, people on the bridge trying to get onto Route 4 do not have clear lines of sight. Furthermore, if the state bridge ever was to be expanded to two lanes, the buildings would have to go.

Commissioners previously approved using TIF funds to support the project through the Madrid Historical Society, but organizers later realized that RLHT would a more appropriate owner and caretaker for the parcel.

The commissioners previously negotiated a $10,000 purchase price for the parcel and buildings from the landowner. On Tuesday, they approved the transfer of $15,000 in TIF funds to RLHT to purchase the property and cover the closing costs.

The company M & H Construction will undertake the actual demolition of both buildings for roughly $23,000, a figure that is in line with MDOT estimates. The county will cover that cost as bills are submitted to RLHT.

County Clerk Julie Magoon said that MDOT had indicated that it would be resurfacing the bridge on the Reeds Mills Road, beginning on July 29. A detour was being established, Magoon said. MDOT hopes to have the work complete within three week, prior to the start of school.

Commissioners also voted to accept $41,680 in Local Area Road Program funds from the state, for use on roads in the Unorganized Territories.

In other business, commissioners approved $2,700 in improvements to the courthouse's sprinkler system. These include replacing an air switch, replacing an undersized pipe and paying for tests of the system. Eastern Fire, the county's system vendor, will also install cages over four sprinkler system heads accessible by court system prisoners. Funds for the improvements will come out of the courthouse maintenance line.

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  1. $5000 in closing cost on a $10000 sale. Your government at work...with TIF funds no less!