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Crash on Route 2 sends New Vineyard man to hospital

A Mitsubishi Eclipse was badly damaged in a Tuesday morning crash on Route 2 today.

WILTON - A New Vineyard man was transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital today, after his vehicle struck a tractor trailer truck from behind on Route 2 East this morning.

Just after 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse was traveling toward Farmington when a tractor trailer truck two vehicles ahead of the sedan stopped to make a left-hand turn onto Main Street, where the Main Street/McCrillis Corner Road intersects with Route 2. According to Wilton Police Officer Brian Lynch, the next vehicle, another tractor trailer truck, stopped for the first truck but the Eclipse didn't, rear-ending the second truck.

The operator of the Eclipse, Shawn Levigne, 26 of New Vineyard, received minor injuries in the crash, Lynch said, and was transported by NorthStar EMS to the hospital. The operator of the truck that was hit, a 2013 Freightliner associated with EJ Carrier of Jackman, was Lewis Phillips, 63 of Wilton. Phillips was not hurt in the crash, Lynch said, nor was the single passenger in the Eclipse, a juvenile.

No charges are anticipated as a result of the crash, which reduced Route 2 to single-lane traffic for approximately 30 minutes. The truck suffered minor damage to its trailer and was towed from the scene, while the sedan was badly damaged and also towed.

Wilton Fire Department responded to the scene for traffic control and to sweep debris out of the road.

Wilton Fire Department personnel clear the roadway.

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  1. I have a video of what I saw while driving by this. I was so worried for the people who got hurt. I'm so glad my friend shares this to my Facebook and taged me. I'm glad everyone will be alright.

  2. Thankle God this looked worse than it was. We were pulling out of Main St, and saw the accident happen. We were the first on scene, and called 911, then got out to help. It was such a relief to see that everyone was okay.

  3. Pretty hard to say you didn't see the truck. Sounds like a case of driver inattention. It happens. Glad to know that no one was seriously injured.

  4. If you run into anything 8ft wide and 16ft high, you should have your license suspended until you pass driver's ed again.

  5. Glad no one was hurt bad, but would that be a, wait for it "A TOTAL ECLIPSE" ?