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Disturbance leads to charges, alleged escape

Thomas Cook

JAY - Active warrants, an alleged domestic assault and escape attempt outside the Franklin County Detention Center led to a plethora of charges for a Jay man Thursday evening.

Thomas Cook, 36 of Jay, has been charged with domestic violence assault, a Class C felony due to prior convictions, and felony violating the conditions of release, also a Class C felony. Cook has also been charged with two counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief, escape and theft.

According to Jay Police Department Det. Mike Mejia, JPD received a report of a domestic disturbance on Main Street at approximately 11:52 p.m. Thursday evening. Officer Michael Booker and Officer Fred Buchanan responded and determined that an assault had taken place and a vehicle windshield was broken, Mejia said in a statement released Friday. Cook was arrested on charges of domestic violence assault and criminal mischief.

Police later discovered that Cook had four active warrants out for his arrest: two for failing to appear in court on charges of operating after revocation of license due to being a habitual offender, assault, domestic violence assault and criminal mischief, as well as warrants for unpaid fines and fees. Cook was also out on bail from an unrelated arrest.

Cook was uncooperative with officers during his arrest and continued to be uncooperative while being transported to the Franklin County Detention Center, Mejia said. Cook allegedly caused intentional, minor damage to the prisoner compartment of the police cruiser.

Upon arriving at the jail, Cook was able to roll down the rear window of the cruiser and open the door using the outside handle. He briefly escaped custody, Mejia said, until he was located by Booker, Wilton Police Sgt. Chad Abbott and FCDC personnel. Booker later determined that the cruiser's window control lock hadn't been engaged, allowing the window to be rolled down.

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8 Responses »

  1. So the window and door was both unlocked? Hope he learned something. Glad everyone was okey.

  2. I have a suggestion for the local DA and judge. Keep him in jail until his trial, no more bail. Can we please
    keep these jerks locked up for the well being of the law abiding citizens. This guy has a long criminal history.
    Please keep him locked up!!

  3. Aperentley bail conditions don't matter so our lenient court system needs to change

  4. Absolutely keep in jail this time. Anyone with that much disregard for the laws of our state and country shouldn't be walking the streets!!!!

  5. Our court system is so broken. Why is this man even on the streets.

  6. Good job Jay PD!

  7. Now don't get me wrong. I think this guy has definitely broken the law in a dozen or so ways. But now we are
    slapping him in jail, paying for his room and board and getting nothing in return but a (Broken cruiser)
    that the (taxpayers) now need to fix ! We need to start making these types of criminals (pay their own way).
    And start giving back to society ! WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE MAKING LICENSE PLATES ALREADY ! This guy has (skills) ! It's not everybody who can do what he does ! But there are those
    like him out there still who can get away from situations like this. Use his skills and his abilities and people like him to help keep
    future perp's from getting away with this stuff ! It may seem far fetched at first but if it can help save
    (tax payer) dollars and prevent the local law enforcement from having to hunt these guy's back down
    after they escape, it might be worth looking into a program for something like this. It would be a lot more useful
    than having him sit in jail milking it or working outdoors on some roadside making big rocks into little rocks !
    And, I bet if you took the time to look back at this guy's past you would see that he comes from some
    kind of a messed up childhood. He can't be fixed if we are using the wrong parts to fix him with. Just like a
    car ! I know there are some out there who are going to read this and go all freaky on me. But, if instead of
    doing that, you could actually take something like this and do some good with it, we would all be better off
    than the way things are now. (The toy is broken,) so stick it in the closet and hope it fixes itself and then
    we can do it all over again in a few years when we take it out again? A lot of these people are from the bottom
    of society and if we gave them a sense of worth, (reason to be here) situation, maybe they could have a chance to change.
    Where will it stop if we don't ? (There has to be somebody else out there who was surprised he was able to
    open that cruiser door) !

  8. Apparently you missed the part where he assaulted someone. He isnt just a "broken toy" he is breaking other toys. Dangerous people get to go to jail.