Franklin Countys First News

Early shades of spring

Colored clouds at sunset/Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)


Ice far from gone in Rangeley Lake. (Jane Knox)

Winter dripping away drop by drop. (Jane Knox)


Deer. (Darlene Power)

Kayaking at Castles Island's in February. (Darlene Power)

After a dusting/Presque Isle. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

High speed run. (Earl Williams)

​This is the sixth day he has been hanging around and eating apples. (Ed Zilinsky)

Hazy-like sunrise/Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

The name says it all. (Earl Williams)

Kayaking at Castles Island's in February. (Darlene Power)

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11 Responses »

  1. Such a beautiful sunset up in Caribou.
    Makes me homesick for the days spent in that part of the State, so many years ago.

  2. More great photos, but the Caribou sunset is particularly stunning. Wow!!!

  3. Nice pictures, good to see the open water..

  4. Love your sense of color, Earl!

  5. Darlene, too. Very natural.

  6. Another week of nice picture's, the first picture looks like all the colors in a box of crayons.....Thank you all.

  7. Wonderful pictures. Those of some areas of Maine beautiful land & even the sunrise & sunset Obviously because it's me, my favorite is the one of Deer & the Beaver. I just do have favorites of animals but all the others every week are great. Thank you all with your really great with all the pictures.

  8. The lead picture is the best ever.

  9. Nice beaver photo Ed. I never knew them to eat apples.

  10. Jennifer, your photo of the colored clouds is breathtaking. I keep going back to it every time I go onto the Bulldog. THANK YOU for sharing!!!

  11. Great pictures