Franklin Countys First News

Easter flowers and snow showers

A beaver noses through the snow in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Reaching for the sun along a well protected wall. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Little Chip discovered a new house just his size. (Jane Naliboff)

Curious Chip. (Jane Naliboff)

He tested the entrance. (Jane Naliboff)

Chip climbed in to find a trove of food. (Jane Naliboff)

Cheeky Little Chip (Jane Naliboff)

Cheeky Chip escaped. (Jane Naliboff)

The mating game chase is on for the mergansers. (Jane Naliboff)

Merganser dating goes to new heights. (Jane Naliboff)

A cluster of Cedar Waxwing birds try to hang on as the wind blows hard in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Suddenly it's blue, as an Eastern Bluebird makes a flyby. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Bluebird makes a landing for a picture. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Crocuses in Wilton. (Photo by Dennis York)

Crocuses in Wilton (Photo by Dennis York)

Crocuses in Wilton (Photo by Dennis York)

Flowers grown for special spring holidays. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Spring run. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Pussy willows. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Deer use a stonewall to avoid deep snow in Weld. (Photo by Dennis York)

Whitetails in Carthage. (Photo by Dennis York)

Easter Lily in full bloom for Easter. (Photo by Darlene Power)

A female Bluebird watches for flies in a rare, snow-less field. (Photo by Jim Knox)

One more storm. (Photo by Darlene Power)

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15 Responses »

  1. Great nice to have inspiring images each week

  2. fantastic pics

  3. Nice shots, bro!

  4. You did it again, excellent pictures, I look forward to viewing them every Sunday. Thank you!

  5. Great pictures everyone, my favorites are the Deer & Chipmunk, they are extreme pictures but my favorites are animals & birds. Thank you all, you are doing great! ;-)

  6. After seeing these pictures; I am now more sure that was a bluebird I heard when we got home earlier tonight.

  7. Wow, nice beaver.

  8. If I could see them I would comment on them.

  9. I'm just wondering if the red flower is a Amaryllis, not a Easter Lily.
    It is definitely beautiful.
    Thank you all for sharing.

  10. Thanks for bringing me those crocuses! Great to catch the deer on the wall!

  11. Bec, you're so right, nobody was around, so I set up a quick shoot, and left Thanks.

  12. SPECTACULAR photos. Our blue birds showed up this AM
    and were checking out all the houses for the best facility.
    Also, our flying squirrel has three babies ...

  13. Love the photo of the cedar wax wings! Little surprised the crocus' are out in Wilton, Maine! I'm in NJ and they are barely out here!

  14. Amazing and so whimsy - Chip and his new digs won my heart!