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Fall bounty

American Robin feasting on crabapples in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Female Hairy Woodpecker at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Tufted Titmouse in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Canada Geese taking flight in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Someone placed these flags at an overlook along Evans Notch, providing a foreground for fall foliage. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)

A splendid display of color on Main Street, Rangeley. The Church of the Good Shepherd is in the background. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Liking the pumpkins. Taken in Farmington. (Photo by Susan Wiles)

A partridge getting ready for lift-off. (Photo by Dennis York)

The mountains in Weld on Oct. 17. (Photo by Dennis York)

Moose together. (Anonymous Photographer)

A deer in Jay. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A deer. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A fall view. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A rainbow in Jay, Maine.(Photo by Karen Dalot)

A white breasted nutchatch with a snack. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A white breasted nutchatch. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A woodpecker. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Another deer. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Gray heron reflections. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Gray herson diving for a snack. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Resting on a post. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Snow in the mountains. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Still a lot of color despite the rain. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Sunset at the head of Wilson Lake . (Photo by Karen Dalot)

View from Ira Mountain. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A tufted titmouse. (Photo by Karen Dalot)


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  1. Karen, you are a gem!

  2. Tom, spectacular as always!

  3. Karen,you took amazing photos, thanks I enjoy them all!🙂👍

  4. I love all of your pictures very good. Keep em coming.

  5. Karen and Tom.....great photos!!

  6. Karen - Where (geographic location) was the bird that you identified as a Gray Heron? I ask because the Gray Heron is an old world species, and the first, and so far, only official, verified sighting of one in the US was on September 5 of this year, on Tuckernuck Island in Nantucket, MA.

  7. Nice shooting, everyone! Jane K, love the unusual foliage photo contrasted by the dark background.

  8. Thank you to all the photographers.
    Karen Delot wonderful pictures.

  9. ILZE BALODIS I believe this is a gray heron. I do my best to name the animals. I saw this bird in Livermore Falls. Thanks everyone for the compliments on the pictures. I really enjoy taking and sharing them with others.

  10. Great pictures everyone!! Karen great pictures. Never seen four moose together. Is there a name for multiple moose?

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