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Farmington baker turns hobby into business

Meg's Thai Tea cupcakes on display at the Maine's Best Baker competition.

FARMINGTON - An at home baker in West Farmington recently competed in a state wide competition for the title of Maine's Best Baker, doling out samples of her Thai Tea cupcakes to participants in the event. Voting was based on a ticket system, with event goers buying a number of "tastes" from the 15 bakers competing.

This was the first year the event took place, and the first time competing for Megan Brown of Meg's Sweets. Despite being a newbie on the competitive scene, Brown has been baking ever since she can remember- sidling up alongside one grandmother or another to learn the process of ginger snaps, creme puffs and muffins.

"My grandmother made these bran muffins...I don't know what the hell she did to them, but they were so good," Brown said.

Both of Brown's baking mentors have passed now, but their recipes live on through her hands, with the help of their recipe books.

"The handwriting is incredible. All this amazing cursive. It's beautiful," she said.

In addition to both of her grandmother's tried and true recipes, Brown inherited each of their Kitchen Aids- antique machines that are still running flawlessly after 40 years. Brown even bakes in the same kitchen as one of her grandmother's- living in the same house she lived in.

Just in the last five years Brown has started taking baking more seriously, deciding in the last year that she wanted to make a living off of her lifelong hobby. Now Meg's Sweets is making a name for itself with desserts such as Brown's increasingly famous baklava, or her apple pie that a customer special ordered from Washington D.C.

"I don't like making the same thing twice. I love the five page recipes, the ones I have to read a couple times before starting. But people like what they can rely on. They are meat and potato type of people," she said.

A different baker walked away from the competition with first place, but Brown could care less.

"Just getting out there was huge, especially being from such a small town where everyone knows me. I'm glad I got to be a part of it," she said.

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  1. Where can one sample her wares?

  2. Good for you Meg. This is wonderful. I wish you great success! Mom didn;t tell me when I saw her the other

    Carol Mc

  3. Jeanne, you can contact me at 491-3491 to place orders or ask any questions!

  4. Congratulations Meg on entering this contest (it's not easy putting yourself and your products out to public scrutiny!) Perhaps next year we can both enter, but as you know my line of cakes is not in competition to yours'.

  5. So happy you are following your dreams. It is hard to do business in this area but you will find a way if you want to bad enough, and I love the idea of using the same mixer your grandmother used. She would be very proud of you Megan.

  6. Awesome lady making wonderful treats! I have had a special order done by Meg, she is professional and she takes the time to make sure you will be getting what you want, and offers special ideas for suggestions! I highly recommend this business!

  7. EEEK! This makes me very excited to read about your success in town news! I am so proud of you! You are so deserving of good things and you have an incredible talent that many people do not have the patience for. Everything you make is fabulous, delicious and one of a kind. Much love.

  8. You're My Girl, Meg!! So very, very proud of you for following The Dream! If you cook it, they will buy it!

  9. Megan, may you have continued success in your endeavor as you go forth. May many doors open for you and may you be blessed as you continue to take steps of faith towards your goal!!! God bless YOU!

  10. Facebook/Email/Website/Physical on this business? If they exist, they should be included in this story.

  11. I have been eating her cooking for years and its some of the best cooking a man can get