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Farmington Selectboard approves marijuana businesses, moves to discontinue road

The Farmington Board of Selectmen.

FARMINGTON - The Board of Selectmen moved to discontinue a town road, approved five marijuana-related business applications and discussed several updates with Town Manager Richard Davis at Tuesday's meeting.

After holding a public hearing, the board voted to file an order of discontinuance with the town clerk for the Stinchfield Road, located off of Route 4 roughly half a mile beyond the Fairbanks Road bridge. Town officials said that the road is essentially a driveway for a home recently acquired by a new owner. Up until now the short, steep road has been owned and maintained by the town, but the new owner has requested that it be private, according to Davis.

"It's a win-win," Davis said. "We don't have to send a plow down there anymore and it's a bonus that the property owner requested it."

Discontinuing Stinchfield road will be finalized at either the March town meeting or a special town meeting.

Five applications for marijuana-related businesses were approved by the board, following a public hearing that brought a room full of people. Two applications were for medical marijuana stores: Mike McInnis for GreenGrow LLC on the Fairbanks Road and Sam Morris for Caniba Naturals LLC on Broadway, while three applications were for adult use stores: two filed by Luke Sirois for Narrow Gauge Botanicals LLC on the Wilton Road and for Lakemont LLC on High Street, and a third application filed by Matthew and Wendi Smith for a business on the Partridge Road. Matthew Smith, a selectman on the board, did not vote on his application.

A sixth application for an adult use marijuana store, for Jacob Angelakis and Biome LLC at 105 Bridge Street, was tabled by the board. That will provide time for the owner to get an updated inspection for their facility which was reportedly being renovated to deal with an extensive black mold issue.

Finally, the board received several updates from Davis regarding issues raised at previous meetings.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Matt Foster requested and was approved to reject a handful of bids that he had received for the purchase of a riding mower. Davis told the board that all of the bids that were placed had issues of not meeting the specs of the request, or coming in past deadline. After reviewing the bids, Foster has recommended holding off for this mowing season with the hopes of better options in the spring.

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  1. More pot less roads yessah!

  2. Geesh, how many pot-shops do you need? I already pass five just to get into downtown Farmington, And the smell?.....Pepe le peu :(

  3. Just be glad it's not OCs or crack. Weed us the least of your towns worries. (Heroine was a major problem for years in Farmington.) Glass is half full folks.

  4. Farmington - Pot Town, USA ; Lewiston II

    At least the layabouts can walk to get it now.

    I wonder if MY business emitted a skunk odor, if THAT would be tolerated? Doubtful.

  5. OverRegulated
    August 15, 2019 • 6:18 am
    Farmington - Pot Town, USA ; Lewiston II

    At least the layabouts can walk to get it now.

    I wonder if MY business emitted a skunk odor, if THAT would be tolerated? Doubtful.

    Maybe a name change to under-regulated would have been in order here...

    “The Layabouts” really? Welcome to the year 2019, get an updated copy of reefer madness before they run out!

  6. Lay Abouts,,!!!!
    That's funny (and true).

  7. I believe Farmington will now have the most pot shops per capita in the entire world. Soon to be home to many more knit hat wearing, lazy, hungry, and forgetful souls:-)

  8. Captain Planet - "I believe Farmington will now have the most pot shops per capita in the entire world. Soon to be home to many more knit hat wearing, lazy, hungry, and forgetful souls:-)"

    You couldn't be more outdated in your thinking. There are many smokers who are the very opposite of what you describe here. We dress normally, we aren't lazy, we eat well, we remember well (OK, mostly)... we are also hard working members of this community.

  9. There are a lot of people who smoke weed, some work hard and some are lazy. A lot of people eat at McDonald’s and some work hard while others are lazy, do you blame McDonald’s for the people who are lazy and eat there but don’t smoke weed?

    Cause and correlation is something a few here need to study...

  10. As for all the new pot shops. At least now they're selling some of it legally now. Right?

  11. "Reefer Madness" is no joke! Crazy cousin Joey - he smoked some of that devil weed one time!!

    Truthfully, tho, I could point out to you at least four places in town where every single day you could see a few layabouts for yourself. People just havin' a great time, enjoying the day while you work your life away to make it happen for them. Have partied in a few of them when younger than today - but nobody cares, so why should I?

    I try to earn as little as possible so that one day I'll also qualify (why not? I've paid my whole life), and to avoid paying into a system where being a layabout isn't even looked at anymore. It's actually somewhat encouraged.

  12. Yup the layabouts are happy "laying about" watching us go by on our way to work.
    I don't care and I don't want to trade places with a single one of them.
    They can have it.
    I'm good thanks.

  13. As long as we can 'get to the end', working our butts off and still live how we do, I'm OK too, Not Trading. I'll fight paying these people til the day I die, though. Able-bodied and minded should be out the door in the morning, helping us Keep America Great!

    Nobody on welfare, barring cancer patients, should be smokin' the ganga. Or drinking, or buying scratch tickets, or......

  14. Ignorance is alive and well in Farmongton.

  15. Over reg: Why are you so willing to sacrifice the freedom and rights of others in favor of your personal opinion? Every issue discussed here seems to round about to your favorite scapegoat obsessions. What is welfare? There is no specific program called welfare that dolls out money for no reason to "layabouts" becasue it's a blanket term that has many specific and individual programs. The only people who monetarily benefit from any government assistance are the hospitals, grocery stores, local heating businesses, and land lords. What you call "welfare" benefits the hard working people who accept these payments and then pay employees. It actually injects the local economy with millions of reclaimed tax dollars. How about then the Gov buys 10 million worth of Maine blue berries becasue they produced too much and flooded the market or when a foreign market is destabilized and we pay out to farmers for their projected loss?

    About the pot stores: Demand controls the market so if there are too many then some will go away. If people come from all the surrounding towns to buy stuff in Farmington, like at the supermarket, then it's good for the local economy. We collect local Tax and the State gets sales tax. Yes, tax the pot shops like they do in Colorado and lets relieve the local property and income based tax payer.

  16. I completely agree OverRegulated.
    I do not support,, supporting them if they could work.

    The housing complex an elderly relative lives in is full of these layabouts...
    This complex was built strictly for the elderly but the Democrats have managed to fill it with entitled "Democrats" over the years.
    These "burdens on our society" could work but have attained BS disability status (thanks to DHS coaching theM thru the process). Now the rest of us pay for ALL their living expenses plus provide them a coach to ensure they get everything possible available to them...
    These "louses", lay about with no shame whatsoever.
    Often making the feeble elderly residents (who WORKED their whole lives) very uncomfortable because of all their "friends" that visit daily,,,all day long laying about in a group. Could be called a "party'.... We pay for it. ALL.
    This is the fault of the Democratic Party. Completely.
    This why I as an Independent could never be a Democrat...
    They'll do anything to create voters.

    I'm proud NOT to be a lay about or a Democrat.
    Shame on them.

  17. I’m not in favor of lazy people nor are people I call friends, equating being lazy with smoking pot is asinine for many reasons. All your doing is giving lazy people an out by saying “it’s the weed”’s not it’s your sons, daughters, nephews or cousin who just is LAZY- period.

  18. Just so folks understand. While both medical and recreational marijuana may be legal in Main, it is not allowed to be used on any property that receives funding from the federal government. So anyone who lives in elderly, disabled or low income housing and smoking weed you can be evicted! Your little card won't help you because neither use is legal on the federal level the housing complexes can loose their funding. This includes people who take section 8 vouchers. So if you have a problem with your complex filling up with layabouts and trouble makers start reporting the complex to Rural Development and HUD if the property managers or owners won't get rid of them.

  19. Jane that will hurt most trailer parks and most every apartment in this area. I like how you think though. FYI I don’t have any rentals.