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Fiction contest now open for UMF students

FARMINGTON - A new contest has opened for students at the University of Maine at Farmington, giving them the opportunity to get their writing in print and in front of roughly 30,000 readers.

When UMF graduate Shannon Butler began working at Yarmouth's Islandport Press the publication company was just beginning a new quarterly magazine for readers.

"One mission of the magazine was to publish fiction as often as possible," Butler said.

But the magazine didn't want to highlight the same lineup of reliable, great Maine authors. They wanted something fresh to offer to readers. Seeing the opportunity to diversify, Butler suggested the idea of opening submissions to UMF students specifically.

"I read some of the best work I've ever read while at UMF. And it was all non-published. I wanted to show off the talent I know is on campus," she said.

The fiction contest is open for submissions from now until Dec. 31. The only guideline is that the piece of writing somehow align with the publishing company's commitment to Maine-themed stories. But beyond that, writers can get creative.

The grand prize is publication in the spring issue, coming out this March, which is distributed to roughly 30,000 through a special partnership with the Maine Sunday Telegram.

"We're really excited to read some fresh Maine voices," Butler said.

To submit a story, contact Islandport Press here.

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