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Following successful year, ski mountain looks to changing leadership

Megan Roberts at Titcomb Ski Mountain.

WEST FARMINGTON - There will be a changing of the guard this year at Titcomb Ski Mountain, with a new executive director taking over after a very successful year.

Megan Roberts has been the executive director of the small ski mountain for the past four years, with another four-year stint preceding another director. In her experience, ski mountains run in "waves" of good seasons and bad; she herself started skiing at the age of 5 during one such good wave. Now she thinks another good wave might starting at Titcomb.

"It was great," Roberts said of the mountain's 2016-17 winter performance. "There was an enthusiasm, even coming into the year. People were in a good way with the season."

That translated into more memberships and more program participation, even before the ski industry in Maine enjoyed plentiful snowfall and generally decent skiing weather. The mountain cleared $300,000 in income and has significant cash on hand at the end of the season, something unheard of in recent years at Titcomb.

It's a fitting conclusion to Roberts' work at Titcomb, although she said she would continue to be around during the season.

"It's a little bittersweet," Roberts said of her departure. "The people are so great, you get to see the joy of the kids when they come here. But it's a lot of hard work."

That work will be taken up by Seth Noonkester, the new executive director. Noonkester, who also has worked for the town of Farmington in the Recreation Department, interned under Roberts three years ago. "He knows a lot of the aspects of Titcomb," Roberts said.

The mountain wouldn't be able to run without a massive amount of volunteer help - even if Roberts jokingly described organizing the volunteers as "herding cats." The commissary, the spring clean-up events, the ski patrol and many of the programs are organized and operated by volunteers.

"It's been a great crew to work with," Roberts said. "It's been a joy."

This Saturday, April 22, is the first work day after the ski season, with volunteers working from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. for a spring cleaning event and to fold newsletters.

Roberts, who called Titcomb "dear to my heart," plans to write a book about the mountain's history, going back to the Farmington Ski Club that formed in 1939. Titcomb Mountain itself opened in 1942. A large number of photographs taken over the years have been collected, Roberts said, and the mountain has preserved its board meeting minutes going back to 1939.

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10 Responses »

  1. Enjoy the next chapter of your life Megan. Can't wait to see the book.

  2. Have fun Megan, I will see you around.

  3. Seth, Congratulations! I hope, like Diane, that we can hike Titcomb!

  4. Thank you for all of your efforts Megan! That occasional snow dance worked out well over the years....

  5. I'm looking forward to your book, Megan! Thank you for all you've done for our local mountain: You've been such a major part of the ski industry that I'm sure you'll find a suitable new niche. Maybe you'll even have time to ski!

  6. Thanks for all you do Megan. Looking forward to the book!

  7. Megan, I wish you all the best; you're an inspiration!

  8. It is beyond words how much I appreciate Titcomb. I grew up in South Dakota - on the prairie, not far from where Laura Ingalls Wilder's family settled. We had a bump on the prairie for skiing, but like most kids I never learned - skiing was for rich people who could take off to Colorado or somewhere in winter. Here at Titcomb my two boys learned to ski at age 5, each being able at that young age to take the t-bar themselves and be independent. Everyone looks out for each other there, the sense of community is powerful. How great that is for kids' self-esteem to independently master the mountain at such a young age! My eldest has become an ethusiastic free style skier, enjoying the Riders' Club at Titcomb. When I picked him up and he described his day, he often had really great things to say about Megan Roberts - she provided great leadership!

    It is so great that everday after school he could ski a couple hours. That's not something possible in 99% of the country! Even though a knee injury kept me off the slopes the last two years (but not next year), I still bought my pass to support the mountain. For those who grew up with Titcomb and perhaps take it for granted, just know that this is a real treasure for the Farmington area.

  9. We are so fortunate to have Titcomb Mountain where adults and children who are interested in learning the sport can do so in a very personal, supportive and cost effective environment. The major mountains are not as conducive to the newbees in these ways. Great work!

  10. Titcomb Mountain is a gem in our community! We're so fortunate to have such a healthy place for our kids to learn to ski and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Maine. Thank you Megan for your amazing leadership, awesome attitude, and making Titcomb feel like home to my kids. We're grateful for all you've done!