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Former Eustis babysitter sentenced to serve 3 years for sex offense

David S. Rhoades (Franklin County Jail photo)

David S. Rhoades (Franklin County Jail photo)

FARMINGTON -  A Connecticut man was sentenced to serve 3 years in prison after admitting to sexually touching the 4-year-old child he was babysitting at a Eustis home in 2008.

David S. Rhoades, 46, pleaded guilty to felony Class B unlawful sexual contact. Justice Nancy Mills sentenced him to 10 years with all but 3 years suspended. Once he's released from prison, he was ordered to serve 12 years of probation. Conditions of his release include no contact with children under the age of 16 unless supervised by a parent, no contact with the victim, sex offender counseling and he will be a lifetime sex offender registrant.

Rhoades was babysitting the four-year-old when he admitted that he had engaged in unlawful sexual contact. The child's father called police, telling investigators that his child had been inappropriately touched.  Rhoades told the child that the "funny touching" shouldn't be talked about, said Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins on Monday in Franklin County Superior Court.

Rhoades' criminal record includes a 2004 felony sexual assault injury to children conviction in Connecticut.

In 2008, Rhoades, who had returned to Taftville, Conn.,  discovered he was wanted by police in Maine and reportedly turned himself into the Connecticut authorities. He spent 90 days in jail awaiting extradition to Maine based on a warrant that never arrived. Rhoades was released and continued to live in Connecticut.

In September of 2013, Connecticut police discovered Rhoades was wanted on a Maine warrant. The Franklin County Sheriff's Department was informed and Rhoades was interviewed. Investigators said he initially denied touching the child at a home in Eustis, Maine, then admitted to it happening two or three times, Robbins said.

"I apologize, I'm sorry," Rhoades said in court. "Wish it never happened, but the circumstances at the time; alcohol, medication, a combination of everything. I am sorry."

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3 Responses »

  1. Excuses abundant. Should have gotten the maximum.

  2. Drinking while babysitting? No additional charges for endangering the welfare of a child?

    To the girl, you were smart enough to know it was wrong and brave enough to tell. I hope knowing you've saved others from this wretched "man" helps you heal. Taking down a bad guy without revealing who you are...sounds like a super hero to me.

  3. With his history he should have to serve the maximum. And yes Amanda, I agree, where is the endangering the welfare of a child? Our justice system makes me so sad.
    So important to talk to our children early about not keeping secrets from mom and dad.