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Franklin County corrections officers receive awards

From left to right: Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols, Officer Brian Rundlett, Officer Felecia Floyd, Sgt. Walter Fails with their life saving awards and Chief Deputy Steven Lowell.

Officer Sean Moore receives the Officer of the Year 2016 award from Sheriff Scott Nichols.

FARMINGTON - Franklin County Detention Center corrections officers received recognition awards on Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Scott Nichols and Chief Deputy Steven Lowell conducted a personnel and building inspection of the Franklin County Detention Center. During the inspection awards were given recognizing the "excellent work conducted by corrections officers at the jail," Nichols said.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office lifesaving awards were given to Sgt. Walter Fails, Officer Brian Rundlett and Officer Felecia Floyd.

In August of 2016, Fails, Rundlett and Floyd were working the floor at the Franklin County Detention Center.  An inmate was placed in segregation by Fails due to belligerent behavior. After being placed there, Fails conducted another prisoner movement which took approximately 14 minutes.

Once concluded, Fails went back to segregation to check on the inmate and discovered the inmate was hanging by the neck from a bedsheet attached to a vent. Fails immediately called for assistance and lifted the inmate into the air (who appeared to be unconscious) and unhooked him from his bed sheet. Officer Rundlett came to his assistance and between the two of the revived the inmate. During this Time Officer Floyd continued to man the control desk notifying emergency services to respond. The inmate survived the ordeal and was transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital to be evaluated.

"Because of their quick actions, and team work, Sgt. Fail’s shift saved the life of that inmate demonstrating the professionalism and training of all of our corrections officers. Because of their actions Sgt. Fails, Officer Rundlett and Officer Floyd are awarded the Sheriff’s Life Saving Medal," Nichols said.

Cpl. Phillip Richards receives Officer of the 4th Quarter 2016 from Sheriff Scott Nichols.

Cpl. Phillip Richards was recognized as Officer of the 4th Quarter of 2016. He was lauded for his teamwork, ethic and dedication to the mission of the jail. When not conducting transport duties, Richards is always busy assisting other staff members on the floor whether it is serving lunch, pushing a broom, working in the control room or ensuring that the transport vehicles are always clean and maintained.

"He possesses a natural ability to communicate effectively with inmates in a way that disarms any inmate aggression. He was also recognized as the go-to expert regarding court documentation," Nichols said.

Officer Sean Moore was recognized as the Officer of the Year 2016. Moore was unanimously recognized by supervisors, civilian staff as well as his peers for possessing the exception qualities as a leader, trainer, motivator and valued team member.

"Moore consistently operates in positions of greater responsibility and exercises sound judgment and direction. He regularly takes the initiative to complete not only his tasks, but the tasks of his peers whatever it may be. It is well known that if Moore is assigned a task it will be completed correctly. Moore serves as an example of what a professional correctional officer is, someone who can work as under pressure in a sometimes hostile environment making sound decisions while all the time ensuring the safety of those he is charged to protect while in his care. For possessing consistently displaying all these qualities, he was awarded the 2016 Officer of the Year," Nichols said.

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3 Responses »

  1. Congratulations Brian, Felicia, Walt, Sean and Phil!

  2. Awesome jobs to you all :)

  3. Phillip Richards was my right hand man on my first shift as Sergeant. Its great to see that he has not lost his work ethic, dedication and positive attitude through the intervening years and the many changes that we have been through at the jail. Phil is always doing something to help everyone's day go smoother and thinks of good ways to increase efficiency. I'm very proud to call him my corporal.

    Sean Moore is a young man that will restore your confidence in the younger generation. He has a solid work ethic, great sense of humor, and a good head on his shoulders. The maturity, knowledge and judgement Sean displays everyday at work sometimes make us forget how young he is. Sean works hard in the gym, but his strongest traits are character and integrity. Sean's positive and upbeat attitude are a blessing in a correctional environment. We look forward to many more years with Moore doing more around the facility!

    The Lifesaving awards shed a little light to the public on what happens in a Correctional facility, and the kind of situations that a Corrections Officer is expected to be able to deal with at a moments notice. Its nice to see a little good news regarding Corrections Officers in the media. Congratulations to Walt, Brian and Felicia. Well done.