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Franklin County Extension Homemakers, Hannaford partner to bring tissues to elementary students

Tissues purchased through a Franklin County Extension Homemakers project, to be donated to local area elementary students.

FARMINGTON - The Franklin County Extension Homemakers partnered with the local Hannaford to raise money to purchase more than 240 boxes of tissues for the local schools, helping out during the cold and flu season.

Back in 2014, the Franklin County Extension Homemakers Advisory Board became aware that elementary students were especially prone to colds and flu. The board voted to start a community project to fill a need for facial tissues. Although school districts do budget for tissue, it is never enough.

In the past the board had only asked for facial tissues from Extension Homemakers. In 2019, the Homemakers decided to enlist the help of businesses for the venture. Some businesses said no, but the Farmington Hannaford’s Customer Service Manager, Laura Ross, jumped on board without hesitation.

For the 2019 year, Ross set up a donation kiosk. The box collected $120 which Hannaford’s turned into 94 boxes of facial tissues which were added to what the homemakers already donated. They were divided equally between the 12 elementary schools in Franklin County.

The reaction this year was even more outstanding. The kiosk collected a little more than $500 which was changed into 240 boxes of facial tissues. They will be added to the other boxes collected by the homemakers and be distributed after the Jan. 13, Franklin County Extension Homemakers Advisory Board meeting.

We could not accomplish this project without the generous support of Laura Ross at Hannaford’s and all the wonderful people who donated into the kiosk plus the Franklin County Extension Homemakers. We look forward to your continued support next year!

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