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Franklin County grand jury indicts 16

Scott Towers (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON - A Jay man was indicted on charges of trafficking last week, one of 16 individuals indicted by the Franklin County grand jury.

Scott Towers, 29 of Jay, was indicated on trafficking in in a scheduled drug, a Class B felony, as well as misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. The charges stem from a MDEA operation in July in which an individual cooperating with police allegedly arranged to purchase $150 of heroin from Towers.

According to an affidavit filed with the Franklin County court by MDEA Agent Nick Gulliver, Towers agreed to sell $150 of heroin to an individual working with police. Police searched the vehicle Towers was in prior to the agreed-upon location of the sale and found a gram of heroin in the vehicle Towers was in, the affidavit indicates. The operator of the vehicle told police that Towers was planning to sell the heroin in Farmington.

An indictment means that after considering the evidence the district attorney has presented, the grand jury believes there is probable cause, or a "reasonable belief" that the crime occurred.

Also indicted by the grand jury, and not previously reported, was:

Tyler Bernat, 31 of Hartland, was indicted on one count of operating after revocation, a Class C felony, as well as three misdemeanors: unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, violating the conditions of release and operating an unregistered vehicle.

Clifford Bradbury, 43 of Dixfield, was indicted on one count of eluding an officer and one count of tampering with a witness or informant, both Class C felonies, as well as four misdemeanors: night hunting, possessing a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, hunting from a paved way and refusing to submit to arrest.

Justin Chechowitz, 28 of Winslow, was indicted on one count of operating after revocation of license, a Class C felony.

Timothy Darnell, 41 of Freeman Township, was indicted on one count of terrorizing, a Class C felony.

Matthew Dunn, 34 of Plymouth, NH, was indicted on two counts of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, both Class C felonies, as well as misdemeanor domestic violence assault.

Laura Knox, 30 of New Vineyard, was indicted on one count of criminal operating under the influence, a Class C felony, as well as two misdemeanors: endangering the welfare of a child and operating beyond license condition or restriction.

Michael Konek, Jr., 41 of Eustis, was indicted on one count of operating after revocation, a Class C felony.

Timothy Murray, 38 of Chesterville, was indicted on one count of domestic violence assault and one count of domestic violence criminal threatening, both Class C felonies.

Michael Ringer, 49 of Wilton, was indicted on one count of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and one count of terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, both Class C felonies.

Joey Savage, 53 of New Sharon, was indicted on one count of terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, a Class C felony, as well as two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence assault.

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  1. America is producing some first class losers.

  2. They're not losers. They know where to go and get three meals a day, a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head that don't leak.

  3. Maybe the meals, bed, and roof should include knowing that there would be substantial work to done 6 days a week. Maybe they would learn something from the work or at least not want to go back to it.

  4. ..The 'Progressive Party' will try to make sure they get to vote in the next election along with a 'safe place' and a cup of cocoa...

  5. I agree.....When the word 'jail" is a sentence, it should not be comforting!!

  6. OVER POPULATION!!!300 million people in this country.100 million would probably still be too many.CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!!!

  7. Give them rice , beans and make them grow their own vegetables etc.

  8. The funny thing is that any of us are one bad decision from being on this list. Be careful whom you look down on from your high horses.

  9. I suppose there's an attempt at irony in the first seven of the above comments. Bad choices or not, heaping ridicule on people when their down never strikes me as funny. All of the people indicted are someone's sibling, parent, child or loved one.

  10. J Man, you should consider getting some help if you’re one decision away from being a felon.

  11. I have a permanent L embossed on my forehead. But that as a daily reminder, I strive that much harder to make the right choices to prove to my loved ones that I am worth loving.
    So heap it on, it works for me.

  12. Put them to busy that they dont have time to do anything else.
    Community work and some bible courses will straighten them right out

  13. Almost forgot. Winter is coming.. Give them a shovel and let them shovel the driveways and walk ways downtown...penance.

  14. Captain Denial, that’s funny, but I am sure you can infer my message. I’m sure you are pure as the driven snow, that’s why you hide behind your pseudonym. Stay safe under your rock or wherever else perfect people dwell.

  15. This is all BS from all of you! Did you forget that they are all old enough to know better? You don't get arrested because you ARE obeying the law!