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Franklin County’s school districts implement Punch Alert

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The five Franklin County school districts have launched a mobile emergency communication platform, which connects 16 schools with all of the county’s emergency responder groups.

Franklin County secured a Department of Homeland Security grant which made the implementation of Punch Alert possible.

“We feel very fortunate that our county is going with the Punch Alert System,” said Mt. Blue Regional School District Superintendent Thomas Ward. “This is a great collaborative effort between schools, law enforcement and all first responders. Anything we can do to reduce the time it takes to stop an intruder saves lives.”

Punch Alert improves security by including a panic button that, once pressed, alerts emergency responders of a potentially life-threatening situation. Responders then have the ability to release emergency information to others on campus when appropriate, involving them collaboratively in the response process.

It streamlines communication by enabling faculty, staff, and students to submit information and emergency responders to deliver mass updates during emergencies. Punch Alert also, through its use of GPS and iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, provides location awareness by capturing the location of the initial report and actively monitoring the location of all faculty and staff until the emergency is resolved.

“Punch Alert was uniquely created to help schools and universities with their emergency management,” said Greg Artzt, CEO of Punch Technologies.

Punch Alert is also being utilized by schools nationwide including those in: Arizona, Florida, New York, North Carolina and Ohio.

Punch Technologies is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based mobile software company and creator of the Punch Alert mobile security and communication platform. Punch Alert is designed specifically for any school, university, public or corporate entity that needs to protect and send notifications to its employees, students, residents, or community.

For more information on Punch Alert, visit:, or go to https:/

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  1. I think this is great to have one way to protect are children while there away good work franklin county