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Governor-Elect Janet Mills celebrates in Farmington

Governor-Elect Janet Mills at a homecoming event held in Farmington Wednesday evening.

FARMINGTON - Governor-Elect Janet Mills was back in her hometown Wednesday evening, celebrating Tuesday's historic victory with a homecoming reception on Broadway.

More than 100 local candidates, town officials and friends and neighbors packed the Homestead Kitchen, Bar & Bakery and spilled out onto the street as they waited for Mills to arrive. Surrounded by cameras and cell phones as soon as she arrived, Mills answered a few questions and hugged well-wishers before entering the restaurant.

She recalled growing up in Farmington, delivering papers and working at the Shiretown Restaurant on Main Street, and said that things she learned in Farmington would provide her with guidance as she looks ahead to being the first woman to hold the position of governor in Maine. She said that she learned not to tolerate bullies, to say what you mean and to care about one another in Farmington.

"Those are the values we're bringing back to the Blaine House," Mills said.

Mills received more than 300,000 votes statewide, something that has never happened in a Maine gubernatorial election, winning 51 percent of the vote over Shawn Moody's 43 percent and Terry Hayes' 6 percent.

In Franklin County, with 14,121 votes for the three eligible candidates cast, Mills took 49 percent of the vote, with Moody taking 44 percent and Hayes getting 5.9 percent.

Franklin County results for Governor's Race

Terry Hayes - 834 [5.9 percent]
Janet Mills - 7,054 [49 percent]
Shawn Moody - 6,233 [44 percent]

In other statewide races, Sen. Angus King easily retained his seat, receiving 55 percent of the votes cast compared to Republican challenger Eric Brakey's 35 percent and Democratic nominee Zak Ringelstein's 10 percent. Franklin County's results were similar.

Franklin County results for U.S. Senate
Eric Brakey - 5,166 [36 percent]
Angus King - 7,516 [53 percent]
Zak Ringelstein - 1,372 [9.7 percent]

The race between incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin and challenger Jared Golden was too close to call as of Wednesday night. Hovering around 46 percent each, neither candidate is expected to reach the 50 percent mark. Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap confirmed Wednesday evening that the tabulation of results in the Congressional District 2 race will require the ranked-choice voting process. Ballot collection will begin Thursday, with processing in Augusta scheduled to begin 9 a.m. Friday. Final, unofficial results will likely be released next week.

In Franklin County, Golden actually outperformed his district-wide percentage, earning nearly 49 percent of the vote, with Poliquin getting 43 percent.

Franklin County results for CD 2
Tiffany Bond - 851 [6.1 percent]
Jared Golden - 6,839 [48.9 percent]
William Hoar - 318 [2.3 percent]
Bruce Poliquin - 5,959 [42.7 percent]

Question 1, which would have used a new tax to fund support at-home services for the elderly and disabled, was soundly defeated at the polls Tuesday, with 63 percent in opposition to the question. Franklin County results were similar.

Franklin County results for Question 1
Yes - 5,225 [36.7 percent]
No - 8,983 [63.2 percent]

All four bond questions are expected to pass. Question 3, $106 million for transportation-related upgrades, and Question 5, $15 million for community college programs, both passed by wide margins across the state and county. Question 2, $30 million for wastewater treatment improvements, and Question 4, $49 million for public universities, both passed by narrower margins in Maine. In Franklin County, Questions 2 and 4 failed to pass.

Franklin County results for Question 2
Yes - 6,978 [49 percent]
No - 7,246 [51 percent]

Franklin County results for Question 3
Yes - 8,849 [62.5 percent]
No - 5,300 [37.4 percent]

Franklin County results for Question 4
Yes - 7,007 [49.7 percent]
No - 7,084 [50.2 percent]

Franklin County results for Question 5
Yes - 8,419 [56.7 percent]
No - 5,772 [43.2 percent]

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  1. Congrats Janet no wow kick ass

  2. I did not vote for her but i am interest in seeing where she is going to get the money for Medicaid expansions seems me if you're 18 or 21 you need to get your ass out there in the open market and get a job get your own insurance and get off mummy and Daddy's insurance policies time to grow up and be on your own

  3. Its a sad time for Maine. The majority of voters turned their backs on the most robust economy, the best job growth and lowest unemployment in decades. I for one voted for prosperity. In a couple years after our rainy day fund is gone, our bond rating is worse and our taxes are raised, people will see what Janet Mills meant by "reversing the direction of the state". Thankfully it only took Governor Lepages first 4 years to fix the economy after 16 years of governors King and Baldacci. So whatever damage Governor elect Mills does is not irreversible.

  4. Congratulations Governor Janet Mills can't wait to see what you do for all of Maine

  5. Good Question Dennis. TAX TAX TAX !!!!!!

  6. May GOD have mercy on our souls ... what a travesty, that the people of Maine have allowed this to happen ... so, brace yourselves fellow Mainers for increased taxes, less job growth, an influx of illegal aliens raping our treasury and a deterioration of our American way of life ...

  7. Where is all the hoopla about a governor not getting a majority of votes? As happened when La Page was elected with less than a majority.

  8. I agree with Joe!

  9. Maine is now in a surplus buget of aprox 300 million $$$$ and a stabilization fund of 270 million It has never been higher. unemployment very low Lets hope she does not blow it all and be crying poor mouth in a couple years.

  10. Gee, wondering, last check, with over 90% accounted for, Mills had 51% to Moody's 43%. When I went to school, they told us >50% was a majority. And it's LePage. Hope he doesn't let the door slam on his backside on the way to Florida.

  11. Congratulations, Janet. My daughter was so excited to learn that her new governor was from her hometown. I am also proud that we have someone from Franklin County leading our state. I'm sure that your experience of being from rural Maine will inform your policies, and help guide us all forward.

    I'd also like to congratulate you on what looks to be a majority win--with the current count showing you with more than 50% of the vote.

    I would also like to ask that you reconsider some of the choices you have made that have hurt the Penobscot Nation and other of our Maine tribes, including the restoration of Penobscot lands. Additionally, I would encourage you, and those we are sending to Augusta, to give the tribal representatives a reason to return--by giving them a voice in government that includes a vote.

  12. Money will come from Federal government, remember he wouldn't take it. LETS look for prosperity for all....regardless of life circumstances. Let's start a movement #Make Maine kind again

  13. .....It's free money, it's free money... grab it and help make Maine grate again.....

  14. Seriously Darlene? Where Pray Tell do you suppose Federal government money comes from? Government creates no wealth, they only confiscate it. No such thing as free money.

  15. Yes once again I see it. Ignorance is bliss. Reality check, the federal government's money comes from the people. They take it and redistribute just enough to keep half the population happy. That half in turn elects the people who offer the most " federal government" money in the form of programs and freebies the working man can't get. "Oh I'm sorry you're just above the income guidelines". It's class warfare and this election showed it's working, at least in Maine.

  16. First thing shes going to do is expand Medicare. The surplus will be gone in no time and again we will owe hundreds of millions to hospitals. People will also make more staying home than working. Can't wait too see my paycheck go to pay for all this. Awesome job Maine voters way to go.

  17. Congratulations Janet, now go to the Blaine House, be financially responsible and make Farmington proud

  18. The Federal government prints money and that in turn devalues our currency. Does that sound like a win? It would be nice if we had some fiscal responsibility at a state level for once rather than depending on money we don't have.

    If the Democrats want to put themselves above the Republicans, I'm sure there's plenty of fat between the lines in the budgets that they can trim so they don't leave the state too deep in debt with their extravagant spending ideas.


  19. Joe is right. Open your pocketbooks~here comes Janet. Let's destroy the economy, job market, and rainy day fund created by the last Governor. It took him 8 years to recover from the previous administrations. It will take Janet 6 months to destroy it and be running in red ink again.

  20. ...... as I said 'make Maine Grate again'.... and I used it as a verb... again grate not great......

  21. So glad I moved to NH recently...the implosion of the Maine economy is imminent. Aging population, third highest tax burden (and to be higher with a trifecta of Dem's running the show now in Augusta), more than 50% of the state on some form of assistance. Hope you all enjoyed the Baldacci days for that's what lay ahead, sadly.

  22. The only reason why LePage "saved money" is because he refused to follow Maine people's wishes to expand healthcare to an aging population. He is no saint. I haven't seen any new, living wage jobs spring up. He even had the Property Tax Refund's formula changed, so those who are eligible aren't anymore. He never cared about the people -- he only wanted to brag while in office and even now. Janet Mills is an intelligent woman and comes from a long line of intelligent people. Her father was a senator. She has two brothers who are lawyers. She's no dumb bunny

  23. Though I didn’t vote for her I will give her a fair chance at doing what’s right. Not sure how she plans on moving the state in a different direction from job growth the lowest unemployment rate and a surplus in Augusta. Now people need to move on and pick up the signs still scattered on the road sides there no longer campaign signs they are trash and you’re littering. Clean them up !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Congrats Janet just don't break the budget like the last Dem Governor

  25. Some people that are book "smart"...have no common sense!!

  26. My conservative friends, your fears are not unfounded. I was snorkeling in Clearwater late-October (shrinkage on par with the budget surplus under a lib dem governor amirite?) Any ho, I heard the salmon just a running their gums about their support of Janet and her liberal agenda. Was I surprised? Frick no. Take what they were saying with a grain of salt as you can trust a landlocked salmon about as far as you can throw a flatlander, but I'm pretty sure they had NO IDEA I was eavesdropping. You just wait till the Salmonids are running the mint, emptying our man satchels and printing new money with the face of Nancy Pelosi. We were livin' the land of milt and honey under Lepage. No so much now.

  27. Probably because it's not that "Great"

  28. I knew I would see it eventually, "refused to expand healthcare" no that's a talking point . Nobody is refused healthcare. People are not dying in the streets locked out of hospitals. The issue is health insurance. Governor Lepage fought to get the elderly covered in Maine but the only expansion voted in was for able bodied working age people. If you recall, his argument was "cover the elderly and disabled first and then we will talk about expanding free care to working age people". That part got glossed over in the news. As for jobs? Everywhere you look there are help wanted signs. We are under 4% unemployment. If your not working its because you don't want too. But give it a year and see how things look. I hope I am wrong but if past performance is indicative of future results, Democrat rule is going to send our economy into another spiral.

  29. I'm looking forward to Janet's leadership. I can tell you what I saw in the Le Page years in Franklin County : people took jobs out of state and moved away/ empty homes languishing with no buyers/ friends who want to sell and leave but the price they can get for property here is low/ so few buyers they barely recoup what they've got in the property/ Crack, heroin, meth everywhere/ low quality goods/services and general atmosphere/ openly racist, sexist white nationalist prejudiced comments and behavior.............

    I avoid shopping and doing much in Franklin County. The property has been in my family over a hundred years but the community changes in last few years make my skin crawl. I like the land, wildlife....but I travel Augusta, Portland, L/A areas in Maine, and stay connected in Boston for business, friends, shopping, etc.

  30. Wow... what is there for you to stay here for... I would pack up and leave if if felt it was that bad.. You haven't seen anything yet... If you stay you will see the new Gov. make Maine grate again... like the prior governors did...

  31. Joe, you are mistaken when you say,

    > Nobody is refused healthcare. People are not dying in the streets locked out of hospitals.
    > The issue is health insurance.

    It's understandable that you think that is "the issue," but that's because the media almost never
    address any other issue in the area of healthcare. But if you have a terminal disease, and you are
    denied healthcare for reasons other than financial, you will die just the same. For years I have been
    unable to get any healthcare from doctors or nurses in Farmington because I will not recite my date
    of birth over and over. They don't care that I am able and willing to pay for my health care, and I am
    not willing to sacrifice my freedom of speech.

    I don't know how many people are denied health care for reasons that the media do not tell us about.

  32. I am looking forward to see the taxes go up....gun control policy ....and the youth leaving maine under the next four years of dem leadership.

  33. Congratulations Janet!

  34. What do you mean—“ land of milk and honey” ? You must have been living in a hole, for heavens sake. That “thing” did nothing but embarrass our state over and over!!! Moody, I am sure is a nice person,, however, he would have been a repeat of “that thing”. My sister and I changed parties just so we could support Janet in the primary, we are behind her 110%! We have known her family for many years and what they stand for, give her a chance, you will be proud!

  35. Elvis got ya Bonnie, it's " Milt "

  36. I apologize, I read it incorrectly. I still think our loss will be wonderful and I feel very sorry for Florida. I can’t image what he is fit to teach.

  37. Bonnie... oncf the Gov. is gone who will you hate then... Hating is not good for the heart of soul..

  38. Once the top "hater" in the state, Governor Paul LePage, is gone from the scene, I expect a much improved environment for civil political discourse. Moody would have accomplished the same thing as he is a really good guy too. But thank you Janet Mills for turning the page on LePage.

  39. I do not hate nor have I ever hated anyone in my life.,

  40. To call our governor"that thing" is most definitely hate. He has done what he thought was best for our state. In every measure we are all reaping the benefits. Yes he did say some insensitive and foolish things. But his actions we're exactly what Maine needed to thrive not just survive. I disagree with almost everything Janet Mills stands for, but out of respect for the office would never refer to her as anyybut our governor. I won't cry, complain and protest. That's what children do. I will only hope that in the next two years she doesn't do irreparable harm to the economy that Paul LePage has created for us. Mainers will see the light and restore Republican sensibility at the next election. Until then we, the non protesting, non hating working class people will put up with the hate and name calling from the left. We will behave as adults and show that even when we disagree with our government we still go to work and strive to make Maine great again. Even when so many voters voted against prosperity and success.

  41. This just in !!! Please sit down and don’t forget to breathe. Gov. LePage has said when Gov. Elect inacts healthcare expansion without government approval the state of Maine will take 100% of the bill. Also if she blows our rainy day fund he WILL run against her in the next election in 2022. He will keep his residency in Maine and only winter in Florida. Guess he loves this state more than some haters think.

  42. When LePage took office in 2011 the country was still reeling from a deregulation induced financial disaster.
    Creating a budget surplus at the expense of the working poor and vetoing Medicaid expansion is LePage's legacy.

    It seems the only issue the GOP has left to stand on is the current economy.
    The problem with that is there is little evidence that their policies had anything to do with it.
    National economic conditions are much the same as they were under Obama.
    In spite of what you read on twitter.

    The vote totals above pretty much say it all.
    Franklin County voted majority Democrat.
    Evidently much to the displeasure of the not so silent minority in the Bulldog comments section.
    Governor Mills should be a welcome improvement.

  43. Right now the country has a booming economy that stems from the recovery that began about the time Le Page took office. I don't think he can take credit for it. Unfortunately, the country's economy is now at risk because the last two years have seen record deficits - deficits that had been declining the years previous. It is very dangerous to have high deficits during a period of economic growth. That briefly hyper-stimulates the economy creating the appearance of economic health, but it sets up bubbles and a crisis. When that happens, probably within a couple years, I"m sure some people will blame Mills. I guess it's the "blame the quarterback for whatever happens in the game" syndrome.

  44. Its kind of funny, we now have people up in arms about the deficit. President Obama raised the deficit more than all other presidents combined and these same people bowed down and thought of him as a savior. There was no recovery under President Obama, the economy was stagnant. When Governor Lepage took office we as a state were in debt to our eyeballs thanks to Gov's King and Baldacci. There was no recovery underway. Look at the facts people. Look at the actions not words. Would you rather have someone feed you bologna and try to convince you its steak. Or have someone tell you ya this is bologna and it sucks. Lets bust our butts and all get steak for real. Politicians like Obama and Janet Mills Lie and smile and take from the workers to give to the non workers. People like Trump and Lepage talk straight, hurt some feelings, melt some snowflakes but DO whats best for our country and state. Dont believe the lies people. look at the facts and wake up.

  45. Well stated...joe. I totally agree!!