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Governor welcomes UMF students to campus

Governor Janet Mills shakes hand with a UMF student on Main Street Saturday.

FARMINGTON -  First-year University of Maine at Farmington students got some unexpected help moving into Scott Hall Saturday, as Governor Janet Mills, Maine Commissioner of Education Pender Makin and UMF President Edward Serna and his family participated in the morning's busy scene on Main Street.

Mills and Makin were in Farmington to welcome the incoming class of freshmen and their families and to highlight the importance of education majors to the future of the state. Mills said that with a third of the state's teachers likely to retire in the next few years, it was essential that young people take up the profession.

"We want to make it welcoming for them," Mills said about the incoming class, "because we're so happy that they're here."

Makin echoed Mills' comments, calling the potential teacher shortage a "dire" issue for the state.

"We recognize what they're about to commit their lives to," Makin said. "It's a beautiful day and we're really happy to be here."

Orientation events will be taking place across the UMF campus and Farmington over the next few days, with classes beginning Tuesday.

Governor Janet Mills speaks with University of Maine at Farmington students outside Scott Hall Saturday.

Governor Janet Mills poses for a photo with Maine Commissioner of Education Pender Makin, UMF President Edward Serna and his family.

UMF students help the incoming class move into Scott Hall Saturday morning.


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  1. Thank you for supporting education, Gov Mills.

  2. Best wishes to all the educators, both current and future! It's a special calling.

  3. Meredith the govnah likes education so much she is proposing a starting salary of $40k per year for new hires with no intent to pay for this after two or three years when the cost will shift to local level. What do you suppose people will say when that school budget comes around? She’s nothing more than a hypocrite she talks out both sides of her mouth and calls republicans the no party. Her new bonds would of had a betterment hance of passing if they weren’t bundled the way she did.

  4. She's a class act, so glad she took time to greet students, a nice way to start the year!

  5. Thank goodness some governor is encouraging preparation of more teachers! Not so in Arizona I am afraid. Gov. Mills please tell Gov. Ducey (AZ) that more teachers are an encouragement for business too.

  6. She is a Class Action Law Suit,,,
    But it's understandable the libs love her...
    Those poor kids.

  7. Janet, I am sorry I missed you. I would have been there had I known.

  8. I can not wait for Paul LePage to be back as Governor for eight more years!!

  9. Janet, I am so glad I missed you when you were in town. I just happen to be elsewhere.
    If I had know you were in town I would have not changed plans.
    It's better this way....
    If I do see you I'll do my best to be civil. If I can continue to avoid being in your presence I don't have to worry about me losing my serenity "at" you....
    So ya,,,, since you don't listen anyway,, it's better this way.

  10. Let's do a "Go Fun Me" thingy for help for some of these nameless insecure/scared citizens

  11. Hey Chuck,
    Thanks Man,,
    Since you have everybody else figured out, I don't need a therapist because I have you.

    Question for you my friend,
    Your "plan" would cover Trump Deranged Syndrome??
    I know "that" disease is rampant and will really bog down the system, but "THIS IS A DANGEROUS CONDITION" comrade!!!
    The symptoms are devastating!!
    These poor people are suffering and need immediate professional help.
    I "assume" they can just "keep their old doctor" under your plan...right??
    So looking forward to finally see these poor sufferers finally get the help they so desperately need...
    Thanks Again Man!
    It's encouraging that you care enough to send the very best..

  12. Oh look Maines 1 term governor. Janet you need to have a town hall meeting soon so we can hear your latest reasoning behind your CMP CORRIDOR SUPPORT despite the majority of Mainers non support for said project.

  13. My Dear Severe Symptoms (If it itches, don't scratch it as it will just get worse)

    You got in just in time as my schedule is full and I'm not taking on any more patients

    I figured that being crazier than the norm, just smarter I'd try and make some $ on it (Just like any closet Repubiclican would do)

    As to coverage re Trump Deranged Syndrome, it is a recognized sub set of the Chronic Equine Buttocks Syndrome and is covered A higher deductible however

  14. Janet,glad I missed your visit.You won't be missed after your term.