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Grandparents Day brings 400 family members to Mallett

Some of the grandparents

Approximately 400 grandparents attended Thursday's event at the W.G. Mallett School. The event was paid for through the University Credit Union's sponsorship, and was designed to promote stronger connections between the school and community.

2nd graders & grandparents get refreshments

James Roth-Macken, Wyatt Sullivan and Trevor Nichols show off the cafeteria to visiting community members. The school served more than 600 muffins, 400 cookies, 60 pounds of watermelon, strawberries, bananas and gallons of coffee and hot chocolate.


A shuttle bus ran from the Mt. Blue Middle School and the parking lots were cleared to allow visiting grandparents to attend the event. It was the best attended event in the school's history, except for the open house.

Kinders perform for Grandparents

Each grade level did some kind of performance for grandparents. Tours of the school were also provided.

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  1. This was such a great event. I was so proud of my grandson and his teachers. This was a definite proud showing of grandparents. Can't wait until next time.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and want to thank Mallett school teachers, staff, associations, and Mt. Blue Regional District administration for a job well done. This event undoubtedly took extensive planning and preparation for the event to go so smoothly on a first run trial. I am so impressed with the education my grandson is receiving - kudos, kudos, kudos

  3. Great turnout, Great event, Great school!!!
    Thank-you for sharing it with us!