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Green Drinks brings awareness, networking to Farmington

Representatives from the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust, set up at Tumbledown Brewing, talk to locals about their work in land conservancy.

FARMINGTON - A collaborative event on Tuesday evening drew a crowd to Tumbledown Brewing in support of community, food security and land conservation.

The first High Peaks Green Drinks threw a spotlight on the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust- a conservation group working in Franklin County- while providing a community-networking opportunity for locals.

Green Drinks is an international event that aims to bring environmentally-minded people together to learn about, discuss and fundraise for different organizations. Hosted by the Greater Franklin Food Council, event goers contributed $10 to the non-profit in exchange for a local brew crafted by Tumbledown. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the Appalachian Trail Land Trust, raising a total of $420.

GFFC member and event organizer Jeremy Read said he plans to make Green Drinks a monthly event- highlighting different environmentally-focused non-profits and locally sourced beverages each month.

"The environmental theme is a loose one. It will include organizations that work with local food systems as well," he said.

The High Peaks Green Drinks will soon have a Facebook page for interested persons to find up to date information.

More about the Greater Franklin Food Council

The Greater Franklin Food Council is an expansive network of individuals and organizations interested in promoting healthy food systems. Overarching goals are to create a robust local food system that provides affordable, easily accesible, and nutritious food for our community and a resilient food system that strengthens local farms and businesses in a sustainable way. GFFC was established after the first Greater Franklin Food Summit was convened in 2017. Organizers include the Healthy Community Coalition; United Way of the Tri-Valley Area;; Rustic Roots Farm; Catholic Charities SEARCH program; and the Care and Share Food Closet.

More about the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust

Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust does important work conserving and connecting people to land in Maine's High Peaks region. Their projects promote the local economy through ecotourism and sustainable timber harvesting. Their community hikes provide opportunities for people from all over Maine to gather and get outside. They are a community-driven organization that is preserving Maine's mountain heritage for future generations.

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