Franklin Countys First News

In the deep freeze

If the deer had been shy earlier in the season they are not now. This deer let me take several pictures of him. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

As the temps get colder a Black-capped Chickadee sits in the wind like its nothing. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Frozen cherry delight. (Jane Knox)

Looking for a handout in frigid temps. (Jane Knox)

Blending in to hide between thin branches in vain. The food helps give more energy. (Jane Knox)

The water as well as everything else have frozen solid in the past twenty four hours. (Jane Knox)

East Wilton Union Church. (William Rice)

Roadside shots after a fresh snowfall in Presque Isle. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Finding beauty in the deep freeze! (Jennifer Ellsworth)

A chilly morning sunrise in Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

So what bird do you have at your feeder? They are looking for food (Jim Knox)

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  1. Lovely pics, everyone. That cherry tree is stunning with the snow on it! Simply beautiful.

  2. Thanks to all who have made our live a little nicer with your beautiful photos this year. Happy New Year. I love the shot of the East Wilton Church. My daughter did the Christmas program there many years ago.

  3. Everything are "SO" beautiful even in such frigid weather. All of you do a wonderful picture taking. Thank You all, again ;-)

  4. I also love the church and the red berry tree. Thank you for all the time you have spent picking out the nice picture's for us to enjoy. Happy New Year .

  5. Yes, the church is classic!

  6. Stunning pictures, Thanks to all..

  7. Wonderful photos as always --- thank you

  8. Thank you for the pictures. I feel sorry for the deer and birds that are out in this severe cold. Even the Kennebec River here in Augusta is froze solid as far as one can see in either direction'

  9. Such stunning pictures as always. They are a pleasure to watch for every week. Thank you to all for sharing them. Happy New Year and keep the pictures coming.

  10. Beautiful selection of photos this week. The clear pictures of the animals are amazing.

  11. Fantastic photos. I've seen cardinals at our bird feeder this winter, something I've never seen in the wintertime before. Does anyone know if this is unusual? We've had them in the summertime but never before in the winter.

  12. Enjoyed the picture of the church. It is a chilly 32 degrees here in sunny Florida. My husband and I were married in this church 25 years ago.

  13. Love all of the photos. There are so many stunning ones. I agree with other comments about the frozen cherries, and the classic beauty of the church. Was surprised to see so many mentioning a past connection to this small community church. I encourage everyone to come for a Sunday Service and renew the connections.

  14. Always love these pictures-thanks for sharing! A reminder to anyone that feeds deer in the winter to never put grain in any kind of metal feeder as a deer's tongue could stick to it and damage them permanently.