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Jay board approves truck purchase

JAY - The Board of Selectpersons approved the purchase of a truck at Monday evening's meeting, replacing an older plow truck.

The board approved the purchase of a cab and chassis for a 2021 Western Star truck from one company and the purchase of the plow and other related equipment from another at Monday's meeting.

Public Works Director John Johnson sought quotes for the truck from three dealers of Western Star in Maine, with two companies choosing to bid. The town has three other Western Star trucks and Johnson previously noted that having the same type of trucks allowed the town to find and stockpile parts more easily.

The board approved a bid from O'Connor Motor Co., less by a little more than $2,000, to purchase the cab and chassis of the 2021 Western Star for $97,771, after the trade in value had been deducted. The new truck will replace a 2004 Mack plow truck that was traded in for $18,000. Johnson said that it would take 90 days for the truck to be delivered.

The board also approved the purchase of the plow and associated equipment from HP Fairfield of Skowhegan at the cost of $59,430. The plow truck will be assembled by the Public Works Department in house for a significant cost savings.

Previously, the board discussed paying for the truck first out of any funds remaining in the department's budget at the end of the fiscal year. Any cost beyond that would come out of the department's Capital Reserve.

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