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Updated: Jay man charged with maple syrup theft

This story has been updated to include it was Wilton Officer Ethan Keyes' investigation that led to charging the suspect Brandon Hall.

WILTON - A Jay man is facing felony charges of burglary and theft after police say he stole $1,500 worth of maple syrup from a local sugar shack.

Brandon Hall (Franklin County Detention Center photo)

Brandon Hall, 24, of Jay, is charged with Class B felony burglary and theft. Hall was already in jail on other charges. In November 2016, he was indicted on charges of Class C felony theft by unauthorized taking and Class E misdemeanor violation of condition of release. The most recent charges were elevated to Class B, due to prior charges.

A maple syrup producer reported to police on Feb. 18 that his sugar shack had been broken into and 50 half gallon containers of maple syrup had been taken. At some point earlier in the month the sugar shack, located in a secluded wooded area, had been broken into and the syrup was taken, said Police Chief Heidi Wilcox.

Wilton Officer Efra Becerra responded to the complaint and Officer Ethan Keyes' investigation led to Hall, who is a former employee at the maple syrup operation, Wilcox said. Seventeen containers of maple syrup have been recovered by police.

Today Wilton and Jay police searched a residence in Jay where more evidence was recovered, Wilcox said.

The case remains under investigation, she added.

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20 Responses »

  1. Who steals maple syrup??

    What was he going to do with it?

    This is how you know maple syrup is way too expensive.

  2. Officer Ethan Kyes discovered Hall's involvement and arrested him.

  3. Sap was running. Sap got caught.

  4. Great work Wilton and Jay PD!

  5. Will, produce 25 gallons of high quality syrup and then tell me what you think it's worth.
    Sad that so often an employer is stung by a current or former employee. Even sadder that we will likely spend tax dollars in vain on this man for the rest of his life.

  6. The answer Will M is idiot's like him!!

  7. Must have a sweet tooth.

  8. Obviously he was going to try and sell it.

    Those who produce it don't think it is too expensive ... when you see all the labor that goes into
    setting the taps, collecting the syrup, boiling it down and bottling it. It is a labor intensive business.

  9. Thought it had to be an inside job. Very well done Wilton and Jay police. Now for the slap on the wrist by judicial.

  10. Caught sticky handed!

  11. Well the 'Heat was on and downhill he went faster than molasses
    on a cold Maine winter day. I'll bet right now he is really boiled.
    Poor guy....he won't be able to 'Waffle his way out of this one.
    Is this guy French ?... If he is, he is going to be toast.. and if
    by any chance he is Danish' they will have him covered.

    I hope he does not 'butter up' the Court ..and if convicted
    they better watch out he doesn't, and for sure,
    they should put him in the Jug' until Blueberry Season rolls

  12. This guy was small time - maple syrup theft is big business!

  13. Nice investigative work, Officer Keyes.

  14. To Bill .... Love your poetry!!!!

  15. Idiot. i can only imagine what he plans to do next once he gets out. Maybe steal some sugar? This kid will never change.

  16. Since a 24 year old male is stilll considered a kid nowadays, it's no wonder he thinks nothing of stealing. The judicial system doesn't seem to impose adult convictions to folks, either, time after time.


  18. Maine Boy, who knew? I'm in the wrong business!!!

  19. Pretty sad when a maple syrup owner has to lose money after trudging through snow to get to the trees. Sterilize the pails and spend hours overseeing the cooking. This thief probably is either lazy and didn't want to work anymore and wanted free money or he was mad about his wages. I don't know. Don't know the guy but he is no kid if he is 24. For cripes sake -- I was working in a factory at age 18 and was married and had a baby. Time for that "kid" to grow up