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Jay Selectboard talks building repairs, system updates

The Jay Selectboard discussed system updates and building repairs at Monday night's meeting.

JAY - Board of Selectperson discussion revolved around maintenance Monday night, addressing issues about building repairs and system updates for the town.

After looking at four different bids for a roofing repair at the Public Works storage barn, selectpersons voted to gather information before making a final decision. A decision was made as to how to approach the repair- removing the old shingles and laying down new- and selectpersons narrowed the bids down to the two lowest offers for the job.

A number for hourly wages and cost of materials will be brought back to the board from both Crapotts Inc. of Livermore Falls who bid $18,300 and Williams Roofing Co. of Waterville who bid at $18,560.

Selectpersons voted 4-1 to update a tracking system at Public Works that monitors how much fuel each department is using for billing purposes. The PetroVend monitoring device is more than 20 years old, according to Director John Johnson, and has recently been on the fritz requiring departments to be on an honor system with fuel usage.

"The technology will become unsupported in another year anyway, so I figured instead of repairing it we should just replace it," Johnson said.

Included in those departments is Regional School Unit 73 who pays an annual maintenance fee of $1,000 and a 7.5 cent surcharge on each gallon. The maintenance account now has $6,000 from RSU 73 and that amount will be applied to the fee for the system upgrade.

Selectpersons Judy Diaz, Keith Cornelio, Terry Bergeron and Tim DeMillo voted in favor of a $14,815 price offered by Tony Couture of Precision Tanks Inc. to do the work. Selectperson Gary McGrane opposed it.

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