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Jay woman pleads guilty to stealing from Big Apple

Lisa Parent (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON - A Jay woman pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $5,000 from the convenience store she was managing, receiving a deferred disposition that will be dependent on the amount of restitution she pays.

Lisa Parent, 49 of Jay, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft by unauthorized taking, both Class C felonies, as part of an arranged plea Tuesday afternoon in Franklin County Superior Court. The charges stem from money Parent reportedly took from a Big Apple convenience store in February.

According to Assistant District Attorney James Andrews, Parent worked as a manager at the Big Apple store and was responsible for making nightly cash deposits at the bank. On Feb. 2, the Big Apple's nightly deposit, made by Parent, was $2,331 short of the amount indicated by the store's records. Then, on Feb. 9, no nightly deposit was made and a total of $2,558 was missing.

Parent worked both shifts, Andrews said, and was the only employee with access to the bank's safe. Bank employees would have testified that security camera footage would have indicated that Parent made the deposit on Feb. 2 but not on Feb. 9. That footage confirmed the issue did not lie with the bank employees, Andrews said.

Farmington Police Department Det. Darin Gilbert interviewed Parent. She did not admit to stealing the money, Andrews said, but couldn't explain why it was missing.

Attorney Paul Corey said that Parent's plea was in the nature of an Alford plea, wherein the defendant pleads guilty to minimize the risk of a trial and a longer prison sentence. One evidentiary issue that could have been potentially raised at trial, Corey said, was the fact that the bank security footage was no longer available.

Sentencing will be deferred until February to allow Parent to repay some of the restitution owed to Big Apple. Should more than $3,000 be repaid prior to Feb. 13, the state would agreed to a deferred disposition that could result in Parent repaying the remaining restitution, then withdrawing her guilty pleas and instead pleading to a misdemeanor that would result in an unconditional discharge. If Parent does not pay the $3,000, or violates the terms of the deferred disposition, she would face open sentencing on two Class C felonies, each of which carry up to 5 year prison sentences.

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  1. Throw the book at her! No love for thiefs. She should call herself lucky she doesn't live in a country that chops off hands for stealing like they do in France.

  2. Since when does France do that??

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  5. Bob, you're lucky too. You get to live in a country where you can hold spectacularly misinformed opinions and share them with all of us.

  6. David Fircshing ROTFLMAO good one

  7. Mon dieu!!!! You silly Bob.....

  8. You'd think that having referred to the bank's video footage at some point, they would have held onto it in case there was ever a need for it again. (At least until the case was completed)

  9. Sacre bleu! Mes mains! Mes mains! Je n'ai pas les mains!

  10. How will she repay this by mid February? Perhaps. Irving will hire her! No, seriously, she most likely won't be able to repay 3K. It says here she will "face" sentencing. Will we ever know? Follow up on stories like this could be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  11. Bob, please I beg you, don't let the naysayers intimidate you. Keep on posting your thoughts. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time, once again you've made my day.

    P.S. Your insight on gun ownership has caused me to question whether or not I should keep my silenced, magnum, high capacity, assault revolver. I'm glad the French are unaware that I have one.

  12. C'mon Bob! We're waiting with bated breath.Set us straight!

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  15. You bleeding hearts never cease to amaze me. I'd be willing to bet two tins of Grizz and a clear Pepsi that I've been saving since the 90's that no one in here can prove anything I've said aint true. Go ahead. I'll be waiting.

  16. i don't want to live on the same planet as Bob anymore

  17. I think we now know what has caused Bob's delusionary thinking, he been tapping into that Pepsi Clear that he has been saving since the 90's....right Bob?